Thursday, October 30, 2008


A peanut farmer...a closet Marxist...and a hoard of lemmings racing to the sea!
Once upon a time, back in the late 1970s, there were American hostages languishing in an Iranian 'prison' for 444 days, because our leader could not act and could not bring our fellow Americans home. Our country, because of his harming lack of experience and leadership, was brought to our proverbial 'knees' by a bunch of government supported THUGS! That lack of national leadership showed the rest of the world...well, you figure it out by reading your History books for the 20th century.
Now, our country, that means me, us, once again could be on the brink of making a catastrophic error in judgment with both the Legistative and Executive Branches of our national government who, together, will control two of our federal branches of government and head us in the direction of an extreme form of socialism for our heartland within a short period of time. But, the most serious element involves a 'closet Marxist' who wants to cleverly be our leader! Be in fear, Americans, that 2008/2009 could mark the advent of an America that YOU, me, will not recognize EVER again!!!
Lemmings...this studied student of History sees, I'm so sorry to say, thousands of lemmings, not thinking, running helter skelter to the sea, listening to a well-planned Madison Avenue sales pitch and 'guru' promising you anything and perish over the cliffs and into the sea! I KNOW how I will proudly vote on Tueday....NOT to DRASTICALLY change our good old American heritage and system that's been working, with changes, for all of us for over the past 200 years!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

132- STEPHEN KING....................

He's sold over 350 million copies of his scary, sometimes horror books, and his personal story only is enough to fill volumes! His father deserted the family when Stephen was just two. His mother, the family, perservered tough financial stress. When his mother became a caterer at a local Maine residential facility for the mentally challenged, in Durham, Maine, Stephen was around the residents.
As a child, he witnessed a friend being struck by a train. When the young boy finally came home that evening, he could not speak and was in shock, and said that he had no memory of the tragedy.
He graduated with an English degree from the University of Maine, got his certificate to teach high school but could not find a position. For a time, he wrote short stories and eventualy got a postion at a private academy to teach. On Mother's Day, 1973, King got notifcation that his first novel, Carrie, was sold, with a $2,500 advance. The publishing house later took 50% of sales as its share. In 1975 Salem's Lot was published. He accepted a position in creative writing, then, at his alma mater, The Unversity of Maine, but his drinking and all types of 'drugs' become worse. When his family and friends confront him one day, strewing loads of 'stuff' out in front of him, King finally realizes he had a serious problem---his family and friends cared deply about him.
Stephen sought help and, with time, WON his personal battle!
But, the story is not the summer of 1999, while walking on the shoulder of a country road, a driver is 'distracted' and hits Stephen, severly injuring the prolific author! Later, it is proven by friends that King WAS walking facing traffic about 4:30p. He strongly wants to use a sledgehammer and destroy the van that hit him after his lawyer and friends bought it to keep it away from the freaking eBay. They, lawyer and friends, however, had the van crushed!
I personally admire his wife, Tabitha, also a grad of the U. of Maine, for redesigning his studio, while Stephen was recovering...for he had no desire to write again. And for her standing by her man!
Their home is in Bangor, Maine, with the home and front gate,'ll have to google and see!
He and his wife very quietly have helped with lots of 'local' projects, especially his alma mater. They have one daughter and two sons

Some of his MANY writings:

-Dreancatcher -The Green Mile -The Dead Zone -Cujo -Christine
-Carrie -Salem's Lot -Pet Sematary -Misery -The Shining -It
-The Talisman -The Tommyknockers -Dolores Claiborne

(You can see that many were later movies - my faves are Dolores Claiborne and The Green Mile)....have any fave King books and movies?
Whether you like his style and subjects in his writing, you'll have admit that he has influenced!


And my fave scary Halloween film that continues to give me unabashed SHIVERS to watch it even now? "Halloween (I)"...the music is perfect for the low-budget movie that was filmed with unknowns, then, and quickly, on location! One of my secret ambitions? write and produce a scary film that will scare the ?!*@ out of an audience, for years to come, becoming a classic!...he-he-he.....

Monday, October 27, 2008


Once one learns to read, yes, they can 'go on' any ADVENTURE that they so desire within the neat boundaries of their own mind! READING, then, takes you into your very own personal world. Some pesons, I believe, would rather be entertained with a box in front of them, white earplugs on or cars going around and around in front of them, only! It's a downright shame to hear someone, anyone, claim that they hate to read. Think of all the ADVENTURES that they are missing! Think of all the Classics that they've never explored, like pirates searching for buried booty and birds that talk.
Also, watch a baby learn to walk...from an earlier blog. When the baby is ready, from an automatic signal within their programmed body, they will keep on keeping on keeping on until, standing up for support, they take off across an open space...and fall. Know what? They will get right back up, balancing, and try again...and again...and again...and again. Now, do 'adults' do that? Can you say, "Maybe...sorta...kinda...not always...a few!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This Socratic-style educator will have accomplished my mission if anyone, everyone, who read this blog sought out a defintion before I typed one in, with examples.....hmmmmm. Guess I do 'irrigate' people at times.


I hope that enough have read the two books and viewed the films of "The Secret Garden" and "Bridge to Terabithia" from your list of worthy books and films. Friendship is an underlying theme, especially for children. I'm still trying to figure out how the British can create such outstanding films, like the "Secret Garden", year after year, for years. What is their secret?
Took time out from rewriting the last draft of The Serpentine Bond! to view "Back to Secret Garden", another British production

Saturday, October 25, 2008

127- The THREE DOG NIGHT Rock Band.....

From 1969 to 1974, they sold more records, sold more concert tickets and earned more Top 10 hits than any other group!
In 2000 they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, with 13 Gold Albums...21 Billboard Top 40 Hits...7 Gold.
And their name? No matter what you read, the name "Three Dog Night" is an Aboriginie term from long ago. The native Australians were nomadic and wandered the outback. They tamed the Dingo for centuries and, at night, often dug a hole to sleep in for the cold desert nights.
If the cold night was a "one dog night?..."two dog night?" But, if the night in the Australian desert was frigid, three dogs were "invited" into the hole with them!
Now you the way, the guys are still going out on the road, singing!
Being a true music lover, I've tried to experience in person many groups and plays and individuals in person over the years. The Beatles!...The Dave Clark Five!...Dave Brubeck Quartet!...Johnny Mathis!...Three Dog Night! Are the Rolling Stones still out and about?
Remember: "One"..."Eli's Coming"..."Celebrate"..."Mama Told Me Not to Come"..."Joy to the World"..."Liar"..."Never Been to Spain"..."Shambala"..."The Family of Man"..."An Old-Fashioned Love Song"..."The Family of Man"..."Black and White"... NOW, do you remember?
Hey, would you believe that MANY teens, now, know and can sing songs like this along with you?

126- DREAMERS And ACHIEVERS #2......

These are the Americans who get up another day, everything seemingly going awry, and try life one mo' day. These are the Ameircans who have a better way of doing something and MAKE it happen, 'cause inch by inch, everythings a cinch!
To those dreamers who refuse to give up your anbitions to make a better you or create a better anything...don't quit...DON'T QUIT!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Soul, involving the vital core of American society...values...ideals...what we are! If you are a student of History, you'll realize that "we" have changed since 1781...we have evolving as a nation. That correlates with an individual's life and relationships, constantly changing, BUT how and in which direction? Change happens naturally, period!...and not in a political ad.


A) Enough of us have pushed our exploration buttons to the max to include Nature in its many forms. That includes a Fox Kiss!
B) When foxes meet, they pause and touch, lightly, their noses. I'm still not sure exactly why...yet.
C) As a kid, would ride my bike out Buttermilk Spring Road to my paternal grandparents home up on the hill, walk back along a narrow strip of field owned by them to sit and watch, with binoculars, a family of foxes at their den near my grandfather's big woods. Whenever they met at one of the den's holes, they always paused to greet each other with one of those "fox kisses". D) By the way, foxes always have at least two separate den entrances--just in case they need to exit quickly. Also, discovered that foxes are really clever and intelligent critters...just like Aesop's 6th century B.C. Fables!
E) some humans, that's us, also greet another with a "FOX KISS!" The delightful sensuality would involve a very brief, light touching of both lips!.....
F) And a "SOUL-KISS?" Different...involves, as some of you know, a PASSIONATE, but respectful, more involved kiss with a BIT of sensuality (that's a 'WOW')!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

123- "BRAIN-EES!".......?

I called them "Brainees", and they were/are designed to jostle your brainpower, trying to figure them out! If you can figure out all of the "Brainees"? You might be a "brain-ee!"

A) 26 = L of the A......26 Letters of the Alphabet!
B) 7 = W of the A W.....7 Wonders of the Ancient World!
C) 1001 = A N.....1001 Arabian Nights!
D) 12 = S of the Z.....12 Signs of the Zodiac!
E) 54 = C in a D with the J..... 54 Cards in a Deck with the Jacks!
F) 8 = P in the S S.....8 = Planets in the Solar System!
G) 88 = P K.....88 = Piano Keys!
H) 13 = S on the A F.....Stripes on the American Flag!
H) 32 = D F at which W F.....???????????????
I) 8 = S on a S S.....8 = Sides on a Stop Sign!
J) 200 = D for P G in M.....200 = Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly!
K) 3 = B M (S H T R)..... 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run)!
L) 90 = D in a R A.....90 Degrees in a Right Angle!
M) 4 = Q in a G.....4 quarts in a gallon!
N) 24 = H in a D....24 = Hours in a Day!
O) 1 = W on a U....1 = Wheel on a Unicycle!
P) 5 = D in a Z C.....5 = Digits in a Zip Code!
Q) 57 = H V.....57 = Heinz Varieties!
R) 11 = P on a F T.....11 = Players on a Football Team!
S) 1000 = W that a P is W..... 1000 Words that a Picture is Worth!
T) 29 = D in F in a L Y.....29 = Days in February in a Leap Year!
U) 64 = S on a C.....64=Squares on a Chessboard!
V) 40 = D and N of the G F.....40 = Days and Nights of the Great Flood!
W) 80 = D to G A the W.....80 = Days to Go Around the World!
X) 2 = N it T t T.....2 =Number it takes to Tango!
Y) 216 = N in a C of C C N S.....216 Noodles in a Can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

122- "SOUL-LESS FOOD!"...WHAT IS IT, AMERICA?.....'ve hit the bag of of, with those quickie burgers, roast beefs and Tex-Mex wannabes...a nuked convenience store breakfast croissant stuffed with what appears to be a perfect round egg with crumbly bacon bits. Hmmmm...quality? Or did you simply scarf 'em down out of habit?
When was the last time you dined on macaroni and cheese baked in an oven, eggs and milk and cheddar cheese crumbles on top? Sauteed fresh fish...asparagus tips...a sliced kiwifruit?
All I ask? Ask yourself if, after that burrito in the car, your meal had "soul". If it really tasted blahhh, it was "soul-less".....
Another term to consider is---"Processed?"....


Will use The American Heritage definition:
"An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

120- AMERICA'S SCARIEST FILM CHARACTERS This Coming Late October!!!.....

A) Michael Myers was the boy who grew up in "Halloween", wearing 'that' mask...Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasance) was the doc looking for him!...and Jamie Lee Curtis was in her first film as the babysitter...1978...around the top as a fave! was #1.
B) Hannibal Lecter..."Silence of the Lambs"...Jodie Foster (Clarice Starling)...fava beans...1991...
it's easy to understand how Anthony Hopkins earned an Oscar.
C) Freddy Krueger...1984..."A Nightmare on Elm Street"...dreams...teens not being able to sleep without Freddy getting into their dreams.
D) Jason Voorhees..."Friday the 13th"...1980...over 26 years!...125 victims...we always knew there would be another one 'cause his eye would pop open at the end.
E) "Jaws"...1975...Amity Island...a few scenes are classics!...opening one with girl!...two elderly
guys fishing at night on dock!
F) "Creature of the Black Lagoon"...1954....B& first fave as a kid...excellent 'monster'.
G) "The Amityville Horror"...1979...actual house on Long Island...stopped by there on a trip to
New England...thumbs down on this flick.
H) "King Kong"...1933...notice the dates on a bunch of these films!...and the B&W.
I) "Hunchback of Notre Dame"...1939.
J) "Dr. Jekell & Mr. Hyde"...1931.
K) "Dracula"...1931.
L) "The Wolfman"...1941.
M) "Children of the Corn"...1984...Malachai & Issac...this one has some scare!
N) "Children's Play"...1988...Chucky...did he ever expire?
O) "Psycho"...1960...Norman Bates...the Bates Motel...the shower...B&W adds greatly to the
effects...scenes at the widow from she real?
P) "Alien"...1979...Xenomonph...this one "sceered" me, gave me the shivers.
Q) "Predator"...1987...'Dutch' (Arnold!)...liked this, was excellent.
R) "The Shining"...1980..."Here's Johnnnnny!"...Jack Nicholson...direction, acting and filming
were tops...the writer's evolution, with facial remarks, are excellent.
S) "The Haunting"...1963...B& to be around the top.
T) "The Mummy...1932.
U) "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"...1974...Leatherface.
V) "Frankenstein's Monster"...1931.
W) "Duel"...1971...we never "see" who the truck driver is...clever.
X) "The Birds"...1963.
Y) "Jurassic Park"...1993...the scene with the glass of water quivering!..."support actors" are so
Z) "Poltergeist"...1982
AA) "Pet Sematary"...1989...this one, like many of the King books and movies, got to me.
BB) "Misery"...1990...two characters with brilliant acting and direction.
CC) "The Exorcist" remembered it weeks later.
DD) "The Village" fave!...fooled me.
EE) "Carrie"...1976...blood?
FF) "Wait Until Dark"...1967...she was a blind housewife...when two thugs come after her looking GG.... the last scene?...she turns out all the lights in her home to make the
scenerio equal...and?

Have one or three that I missed?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


He, much later in his life, revealed that the answer was simple...really meaning simplicity! He would ponder with and on the simplest solutions to questions.
And, another secret that continues to fascinate me?---daydreaming! When others believed that he was naping at times in his life, he had truthfully closed his eyes, or left them open at other times, and daydreamed...allowing his mind to wander far beyond his nose. I know that some of you know exactly how to do that, let your mind wander with your eyes open.
I used to try it in class by asking the students to close their eyes and "travel" in their mind way out into space as far as they could go....or to "walk" out past their own physical body, turn around and look at themselves standing or sitting there.
I dare YOU to try it, now...triple dare you!


I'll work on this subject with descriptions:
"Indigo" refers to their aura colors and energy patterns. And Indigo children (adults) have much indigo color inside their minds, the color of "the third eye chakra". This is the energy center for a person. Chakra regulates clairvoyance...the ability to "see" energy, spirits and visions. It appears that many Indigos, therefore, have the "power to "see" objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses."
-They can sense dishonesty....
-They know when they're being lied to, patronized or an inner lie-detector....
-Have what often may be a "warrior" spirit...and that threatens some adults....
-They do not seem to have the ability to dissociate from their feelings, pretend that all is well....
-More creative than the average Yogi Bear...and often can access both right and left sides of the brain with ease...therefore, artistically gifted AND technologically competent...ADVENTUROUS....
-They have difficulty with absolute authority, especially when NO explanation or choice is offered)....
-Get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented, requiring NO creative thinking....
-Often see better ways of doing things...being labelled as non-conformists....
-Do not respond to "guilt" discipline....
-Not shy about letting it be known what they need....
-Possess a strong self-esteem...a sense of self....
-Often refuse to follow orders or directions...become bored rather easily with assigned tasks....
-Are creative...strong intuition...possess either strong or no empathy for others....
-Develop abstract thinking early on...are gifted and/or talented...rather intelligent....
-Are frequent daydreams....
-More than usually psychic or intuitive abilities....
-Multi-dimensionally aware (what we now call multi-taskers)....
-Sense and feel energies from other persons....
-Quite aware of past lives of persons...of scientific, historical, anthropological and spiritual knowledge not consciously learned....
-Extremely empathetic to creatures, even plants....
-Can communicate with the unseen world of spirits and possible even angels....
-Unusally talented with artwork, writing and scripts....
-Seem antisocial unless with other Indigos....
-Have a sense of mission, higher purpose to life and the world around them!
-AND..."It just isn't fair!"...that's what an Indigo may say, and then do something about it, to make it fair!!

Note: often Indigos have no concept of who they are UNLESS they read this, go further on their own or have studied with a mentor or mentors; will, then, their revelations upset them or make them think that they are better than non-Indigos? I DON'T think so! I feel that their revelations will enhance their lives for the betterment of themselves and society......

117- "DON'T QUIT!".......

(Have printed hundreds of copies of this poem over the years for persons...not sure of the author's name, but I like it!)

"When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, when the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must--but don't quit!

Life is queer with its twists and turns, As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about When you might have won had you stuck it out;
Don't give up, though the pace seems slow--You might succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering person,
Often the struggler has given up When you might have captured the victor's cup.
And you learned too late, when the night slipped down,
How close you were to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out--The silver tint of the clouds of doubt--
And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit--It's when things seem worse that you mustn't quit!"

(Shared in the squire's way blog!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

116- A "PLUTO PLATTER" IS A.......?

A "Pluto Platter" is a....? (Frisbee)
The Hula Hoop was not invented in Hawai'i, was originally created in 1958 in what country, as a large ring for exercising....? (Australia)
Remember the original name for Bugs Bunny? (Happy Bunny)
And what, by the way, was our first President's middle name?....George _____ Washington? (He had NO middle name!...the middle name custom generally was used as more males in America had the same first and last name withhin the same family...exception, early, was John Quincy Adams)
Mortiner discovered earlier that this was Walt Disney's first choice for Mickey. He noticed a tiny mouse, before becoming famous, out in the garage area, and watched it for a time, and that private moment became history. But Mortimer was his choice of names! His wife said "NO" and lobbied for the Mickster! Mortimer Mouse? FYI: Walt really wasn't the bestest of artists, but he was exceptional at-----you can figure that out!!! Can you say I-M-A-G-I-N-A-T-I-O-N? As the late Rev. Fred Rogers would have said, "I knew you could...."

(A "social commentary' on the things that we like and love!) Oh, what is one, of many, purpose for creating the 'squire's way' blog? The more one jostles the mind about with thinking, the more one keeps it active. And the more active our minds are, the sharper they are honed. And the longer the mind wards off that old age stuff, the more exciting our lives become! As an old farmer sitting out on a farmhouse porch drinking a Mason jar of homemade iced tea with a sprig of fresh mint from his springhouse after working all day pulling weeds in his veggie garden and milking sixteen cows by hand and chasing a bull out of his neighbor's swampy field would say, "Inch by inch...everything's a cinch!"

115- SO...WHAT IS LOVE?...#6...

Last November, Patrick Moberg, then 21, from Brooklyn, saw the girl of his dreams on a Manhattan subway. But he lost her in the crowd of subway users. The Web designer created a website with a sketch of the girl of his dreams and a seach to find her took off. By the way, his website was (The site is still up).
The search only took him 2 days to find her. Hundreds had joined in the "search". Camille Hayton was the mysterious brunette...from Melbourne, Australia! She was an intern at a magazine also living in Brooklyn. One of her friends recognized the sketch of the then 22-year old.
They appeared on TV and dated for about two months out of the public's view.
However, to her it didn't work out after that brief dating period. She is now single again, taking acting lessons, working in two vintage clothing shops and as a waitresss, like so many have done over the years 'waiting' for a break. She did have a waitress roll in "As The World Turns" and a tiny bit part in "Sex And The City."
He refused, now, to comment further on their brief relationship.
Alas, the Brooklyn to Manhattan subway romance story ended. Love stories don't always end the way both parties expected, no matter how much at least one tries...sorry. Oh, how could an author have changed this tale? An author has the power to make the outcome come out the way they so desire...what POWER over "real" life that be!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Try the Big Easy...New Orleans...N'awlins!
Down by the Mississippi River, in the French Quarter, is a simple looking restaurant named La Monde. Beignets are small square, no holes, doughnuts that have been dusted, while HOT, with powdered sugar. Your order is always served HOT from the fryer and in a little batch....with HOT coffee.
One of my neat adventures was to visit the Big Easy for a week, once, and I fell in like with the city, way before that hurricane. Adventures included staying in an old hotel in the French Quarter...going out early to explore and take slides of a lone cleaning man washing down the old streets before everyone else wakes up...going down the Missis'p on a steamer paddeboard...exporing the bayous and plantation homes...riding streetcars every day...going to the Audubon Zoo...Garden District...old cemeteries...and an old dusty, narrow shop that sold billions of voodoo stuff. And made sure to go out late (around midnight) to enjoy and listen to "The New Orleans Preservation Band", composed of musicians who come together AFTER playing at clubs. One, the piano player on an old-fashioned upright piano, was fascinating, with white and black keys plunked by an eightysomething charmer of a lady!
One of my seven collegians in The Serpentine Bond! is from New Orleans, and you'll meet her in the novel...the readers across the world, when it is published, will get to know someone who is special, like the other six, with a neat name---RAIN!
"Laissez le Bon temp rouler"---"Let the good times roll!"


Otay, it's a small halo or raindow near the horizon and the parhelic circle, which happens to be at the neight of the sun and parallel to the horizon. In everyday language, it's caused by the sun's rays reflecting off atmospheric ice crystals. Hey, it's the fault of crystals of ice up there in the sky!
Now you know...I sure didn't until shared with a friend from West-by-gosh-Virginia...thanks. I'll begin to look for them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This creative artist and author "sees", in early summer at night, a magical, mystery tour, or world, of tiny flashing lights scattered throughout the fields and trees and yards around where I live. For me, that is my reality. You can make the experience anything you want...or not.
As a kid, I must admit to chasing the flashers and capturing them in a glass jar...with a lid. An epiphany came to me, as it often did for other things, that NO animal or crittter or miniature 'flashlight' should and would be enclosed in such a manner ever again! Fireflies are free...also butterflies, too.
And fireflies out and about during a mid summer's night can also romantic! Remember ROMANCE?

111- SO...WHAT IS LOVE?...#5.....

This squire's view will take on a different approach...LOVE is the stimulating mental and visual thrill of LEARNING for the pure sake of learning on an individual basis! I love learning!....
Where and when did one's wires cross, as a child, for a person to declare that learning was boring...that History was boring?...that life was boring?
"I don't have to learn this!"..."Who cares about my family's past?"..."Gasoline is $3.00 a gallon, makes me mad as fire, and that's all I care about, not what happened and where do we go from here!"..."Weekends are boring!"..."Summer is boring as heck!"
Learning is the pure personal, internalizating 'citement of wanting to know and understand more about as much of life and yourself and the World around you as possible, and as far as you want and care to explore with your natural abilities.
This Philosophy major contines to nudge for entering the neat world of adventures to enlighten. I met a fellow Rec Center exerciser this evening whom I had admired for some time for her intense exercising workout. I finally asked and discovered Linda's secret---some years ago she had been told that she had little time left to live and wanted to squeeze in as much as possible running!...that, by the way, was 20 years ago.
If you really want do something, just maybe you'll make time to do it!
When I hear someone "claim" that life is boring, that a weekend is boring, that History is boring, that your parents or lover or partner is boring? Just maybe, also, you are standing on a soapbox and declaring to the entire World that YOU are not smart enough to freaking UNBORE about that?...that YOU are responsible for MAKING your own life at least a bit better! time someone tells you to "have a good day"? Change it to "I'll MAKE a good day, thank you!" YOU are in charge.
SO...WHAT IS LOVE? Love is the inner quest to learn!

WISDOM.....and how does WISDOM enter this pic? One who reaches WISDOM in learning begins to understand "what is true, right or lasting...insight...common sense...and good judgment!" Notice that I said "begins"....

110- SNOW!----------------------------------

Yes, this native Virginian predicts, uh, S-N-O-W for my little town of Williamsburg, the Colonial Capital, this winter!
Signs have been coming up like sweet corn in the spring, like the neat smell of mint wafting about in an old country spring. The "wooly bullies" are growing heavy whiskers, and the face in the full moon last night had "love handles" on both sides.
The official Almanac of West-By-Gosh-Virginia for 1917 predicted that their next-door-neighbor, Virginia, in the winter of 2008, would see more than one of those wimpy dustings. And it's been three or four years, too, since the last snowfall! Yep, the Colonial Capital of Virginia gets a good traipsing-around-in-S-N-O-W every three or four years! Still haven't 'ciphered' whether it will come early in November, like it does sometimes, or around Christmas, but more likely between January and February of '09!!! So, get your ear muffs, gloves and boots ready.....
Yes, all of this predicting comes courtesy of pure scientific knowledge.....I think.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Even if you only bike or walk down the street to the local university campus, you're expanding your own boundaries by "traveling"...go for it!
I often "travel", locally, around the campus of the second oldest collge/university in our America, with Nikons and a bike. There are at least "three" campuses. The "ancient campus" is around the beautiful Wren Yard...and Wren Building and is visited by thousands of parents and visitors each year along with Colonial Williamsburg. And the old and younger "campuses" extend out along and past the unique Sunken Garden. My absolute fave area on campus is the Crim Dell. You'll have to travel there to understand one of the most scenic spots listed in America in the midst of higher education studies.
Exploring the William and Mary Woods, and over ten (10) miles of wooded trails, is an adventure unto itself!
The University of Virginia Lawn, also, C-Ville, around the Academic Village, is another top favorite adventure for a travel day. Jefferson designed the Rotunda and his Village way back in the early 1800s. At that time in young America's history, our General Assembly had a goal to expand the higher education schools to the western area of Virginia. Three towns were in the running: Lexington, Staunton and Charlottesville. Hmmm, where did Jefferson live? He was the governor at the time. BUT, traveling a relatively short distance to C-Ville from my home, is worth exploring the historic campus behind what we affectionately call The Corner!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Most people do, and it's perfectly OK 'cause YOU said it was!
I certainly have


Remember how much fun all of you had, as kids, playing those board games that definitely were NOT boring? Do you? So, when was the last time you played 'Twister'?...'Candy Land'?...'Taboo'?...Mustard's 'Clue'?
What's happened to us that those neat, fun days and evenings have slipped away from our 'tight' schedules? This blog is a 'social commentary,' and board games once upon a time were important to you, to us. You just might turn over a new page for your schedule, now, and hold a board game revival at your home or a friend's.
'Parcheesi'...'Scattergories'...'Stratego'...'Pictionary'...'Connect Four'...can you say 'Operation' and 'Chutes and Ladders'? 'Scrabble'...'Mousetrap'...'Life'...'Yahtzee'...'Risk'...
Maybe 'Monopoly' or 'Trivial Pursuit'...even 'Scrabble'?
Can anyone name all of the "weapons" from 'Clue'? Better yet, who actually has ALL those original pieces?...ALL of the original 'Operation' pieces?

106- WHY------------------?

WHY this blog? The most important reason involves my Socratic philosophical studies with enlightening the thinking mind to explore far beyond what's for supper...what shoes to wear in the morning or how to jog one's potential questioning abilities. Tired of people who languish in their own self-importance?, me, me? Of hearing 'gripers' around you?
My honest purpose is to bring up a myriad of topics to ponder...and there have to be billions and billions more to go, according to Dr. Carl Sagan. And a neat thought? If you don't like this blog approach, don't read it! Thanks to the people who do apprecaite it and have e-mailed to share that they like waking up early to the squire's view, and especially disagreeing or adding to in their mind or remembering 'stuff' in their lives....YEAH!...squire

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This late afternoon, Sunday, October 12th, the sky over my town was clear with nary a cloud out and about. And I could see a distinct face, quite visible, on our Earth's moon high in the clear sky. I know it was a person's face because this artist and philosopher imagined it! Enough people believe that there has to be more to life than just seeing our moon as a mass of "stuff"...or anything for that matter.
I believe that the breeze that refreshes my face on a hot, humid day of walking the College of William and Mary Woods' trails exists, even though I cannot see it.
The year was 1969...Neil Armstrong...ring a bell?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Now, it's time for a bit of history mystery. A "savage" hurricane swept over our area of Virginia in 1775...look carefully at that date! That was during our American Revolutionary War.
August 29th thru September 2nd. This 1775 hurricane, during our Revolutionary War hit South Carolina and eventually swept up along the coast to Nova Scotia, killing an estimate 4,170, mostly fishermen and sailors. Our Chincoteague Island was hit hard, including Norfolk's waterfront warehouse district. There, all was destroyed.
That same waterfront area was redeveloped into the now 'Waterside' in recent years.
Scores of ships, over twenty in the Virginia harbor alone, knocked against each other with extensive damage, including the York River and Hampton. One gun ship, the H.M.S. Mercury, was pushed ashore and shipwrecked. Local citizens went aboard, captured the British crew, took the supplies meant use for use against the young Americans, and set the ship on fire. As a result, the British blockaded Hampton Roads for three months.
In the Virginia Gazette: "Every day last week it rained more or less, sometimes continued chief part of night; but on Saturday it never ceased pouring down, and towards noon the wind began to rise, which increased soon afterwards to a mere hurricane, it blowing most furiously from the N.. till near 10 o'clock at night. Infinite damage has been done to the crops of corn and tobacco, much wheat spoiled in barns, a great number of trees blown down, and almost every mill-dam in the country given way...."
As a result, American patriot armies, under Major Ethan Allen, attacked Montreal (British Gen. Guy Carleton) and Allen was defeated and captured. A plot to kidnap King George III was hatched but never completed. BUT, our U.S. Continental Congress ordered the establishment of our Continental army. All of this increased activity was a sign of a desire to defeat the British. More revolutionaries marched on South Carolina ending all major support for the Loyalists cause there.
In November, our U.S. Marine Corps was created in Philly. On November, 10th another battle took place at Quebec...our revolutionaires won that 2nd battle. In December, more revolutionaires used the captured Fort Ticonderoga British artillary to advance on their sweep to Cambridge.
That's enough for a thumbnail sketch to show what happened after that "Independence Hurricane" of 1775. Remember, hurricane names weren't listed until way off in the 20th Century. Remember, also, that people in 1775 had no inkling that a hurricane was approaching....

Friday, October 10, 2008


First, you'll need to go back to 'Peanuts' some time ago to refresh your memory on the characters' story of The Great Pumpkin.

Linus, the most intelligent but gullible member of the Peanuts crew, had a vision that was confused with Santa Claus and how Christmas was being commercialized with Halloween! While all of the other kids went their merry way of trick-or-treating, Linus would spend his time, sincerely, in the pumpkin patch. He was hoping, year after year, for the arrival of THE Great Pumpkin, who, by the way, was supposed to be bringing Halloween presents.
For decades, though, intelligent Linus, never outgrew his mistaken notion about the Great Pumpkin! He believed!
And, he would spend considerable time going door to door trying to persuade non-believers to become believers in the GP. Once, Sally Brown did believe, and another time Marcie did, calling the GP the "Great Squash" by mistake...
However, NO Great Pumpkin ever appeared.
Linus never once wavered in his belief. At times, with a slight bit of self-doubt, he would lament by declaring that "I'm doomed! One quick slip like that would cause the Great Pumpkin to pass by!"
Wait, I do know that one year Charlie Brown woke up sleeping Linus in the pumpkin patch to tell him that he had heard a GP sighting "by the Freeman in New Jersey" broadcast over the radio. Was Chuck telling Linus the truth or just trying to encourage him to continue on with his fantasy thoughts?
Think that you're too 'adult' to even think about Linus, or that 'stuff' like 'Peanuts' and the Great Pumpkin are simply a "fig-newton of one's imagaination"? I send a "rasberry" through the Internet! Remember....IMAGINATION is what keeps the "kid" inside some of us, like my hero Walt Disney, to create some of the world's bestest characters and tales! Can you imagine if Disney had not observed that little mouse for some time before creating? And, what if his wife had not persuaded him from using his first choice of Mortimer? Oh, remember Washington Irving's Ichabod Crane and the 'headless horseman'? This guy, for years, would get a 'punkin', carefully cut a circle on the top for a lid, pull off, reach down inside, YUCK, and scoop out every seed, with, uh, goo, and wash them carefully with running water. Next, lay the seeds on a cookie sheet and, with low oven heat, dry them. Lastly, take 20 or so small envelopes and place a handful in the envelope with a kid's handwriting style on a note, seal up with the seeds and place them into some support staff boxes! I figured that they, and they did, enjoy the attention more!
So, what did the note say?...that it was from the GREAT PUMPKIN and that if they 'believed', just maybe GP would come see them with treats...the next day?...candy treats were placed into the same box!...hmmm, is that toooo childish for YOU, now, as an adult?
I, squire, rest my case!


Remember that ancient Murphy's Law that created lots of negative garbage 'that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong?'

Well...there's a NEW 'Squire's Law' in our American society that makes it quite clear that the odds of anything you plan WILL probably go right, 'causing you to take control of and not wait for the negative to simply happen!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Seven cheers for cupolas! This historian is in like with the small architectural and often ornamental dome structures on top, usually in the middle, of buildings.
Colonial architecture was and still is a good source for cupolas. Living in the "Colonial Capital of Virginia" (Williamsburg, Va.), some fine examples can be observed when one looks up. The restored Colonial Capitol building and the Governor's Palace are excellent examples. My local town and county now have at least 216 cupolas!
And, when I travel out and about my native State, searching, researching and photographing any structure that is OLD, like old-fashioned diners, standing train depots, farms, farmhouses, abandoned farmhouses, lighthouses, swinging bridges, iron bridges, mills, schools, BARNS, I see more and more cupolas coming back in vogue!
My own College of William and Mary has seven impressive cupolas around the campus. Barrett Hall's cupola magnificently stands out and tall as one drives along our Jamestown Road.
Now you know what a cupola is, so, next time you visit our world famous TOWN, look up...don't forget your camera....
NEWS FLASH: William and Mary's lastest cupola WAS hoisted atop the new 'Business Building' this Friday morning, October 10th, between about 11:17am and cheers plus 7 more!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


College, university students way back in the last half of our 20th Century came up with the bright idea of giving GREEN M&Ms a special meaning! When you see anyone pouring out a bag of M&Ms into a bowl and checking for the GREEN ones, popping them into their mouths, you'll know that they know...what?

If U R interested in knowing the answer?...scroll down to the bottom of #96 to uncover the answer to this sociological phenomenon that has spread across America.


I will not explain this one, this time....use your own intelligence and creative ENERGY to SEE what YOU want to see.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Walking through one of America's old, very old cemeteries, is like strolling through a unique history lesson, and the customs that we have of burying our deceased are time-honored and deserve learning their lessons from the past. The spirits of our past linger, and the energies experienced while visiting are awaiting with their lessons, according to many.
Take your time and browse, examine, many of the stones and their inscriptions. Often, in my native Virginia, there are noticeably different sections. In our Tidewater, relatives discovered that it was best to place a 'table' on top to curb the deceased from 'coming back' to the surface because of the water table and sand. And our Civil War...honored sections were often set aside, with a Confederate area for the known brought home and the unknown within a mound. At the far back, the 'Yankee' unknown were laid to rest also in a mound. Relatives often came from above the Mason-Dixon Line searching for their kin, and, if known, taken back for a proper burial.
But, by examing the stone inscriptions, lessons can be uncovered.
Macchu Picchu! Centuries had passed before 'modern' archeologists discovered the magnificent civilization high in Peru's Andes Mountains. And secrets continue to seep out about the intelligence and advanced abilities of the thinkers within this group. For centuries, also, earthquakes had caused havoc in Peru and neighboring regions but not the Macchu Picchu 'city'. Today, after meticuously clearing and cleaning the 'ruins', they discovered the remarkable stonework, with no mortar. Stones of all sizes were cut to fit EXACTLY with another...and not even a piece of paper could fit between any stone. Remember the earthquakes that caused havoc in those mountains nearby? The ingenuity of the architects, engineers, had to have been astounding!
And, once again, go back to my original premise that old cemeteries and places like Maccu Picchu are full of spirits of the past and linger with energy...waiting for us to discover their secrets.

Some like to go into another direction by using the term 'haunted'...that denotes a negative connotation. I prefer the term positive energies and history, still highly prevalent within the confines of a...cemetery...Macchu Picchu...Gettsyburg...old farmhouse...ancient farm barn! Don't forget ghost towns out West. Was fortunate, on my trip to study American government in Montana once, to explore a ghost town. I could sense a powerful energy....


Think back...when was the last time you, or anyone in your family, baked a cake from scratch?...meaning NOT from a box!
Again, grandmothers are always a wealth of knowledge. My maternal granny lived on a farm in Rockingham County in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, with little 'book learning' but much common sense learning. She baked in an old-fashioned wood stove! She knew, of course, the secrets of baking that more 'primitive' way.
Every Saturday she baked for the rest of the week...pies with flaky crusts...break...cookies...and those poundcakes to live for.
There was a bread box for storage...walnut pie safe in one corner of the kitchen...and that special huge tin for cookies! And, when I came to visit, this grandson knew the combination to the cookie tin lid.
" do you always know when your poundcake is done?"
"The smell! I can smell 'done' every time. One day Grandma will teach you some of her secrets...."
She passed away before this grandson learned those secrets.... But my learned memory bank can conjure up quickly the 'done' cake smell. I also remembered to pick fresh wild strawberries, small, cap, slice and settle for a spell with sugar sprinkled about. She taught me to 'whup' up a bowl of homemade heavy cream, sweetened, toast a slice of thick poundcake, spoon the sweetened berries over it and dollop on some of that 'whupped' cream on top. She didn't have to teach her grandson to dig in...that seemed to come naturally...know what I mean?
(And the answer to the Green M&Ms' poser is: college/university students started, back in the last part of the 20th century, the 'rumor' that eating Green M&Ms would make one 'lusty'...'seductive'...'sensuous'...'horny' decide!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


NO excuses accepted!
It is definitely noteworthy that our American society has, for a number of years, supported public and private centers for us wanting to exercise in concentrated places, meaning centers with numerous machines. Pools are often there, including relaxing, therapeutic hottubs and unloosening steam rooms.
Visit your local Rec Center, soon, and you will see individuals, not teams in other sports, challenging themselves to 'reps' on machines or minutes on the 'ski' machine. It's, therefore, an indivdual affair. Many keep tabs on 'score sheets' only for themselves. The 'rowing machine' keeps account of the time and calories (and more), and it is matched by the next visit. And what is neat? There is NO ONE edging someone else on to accomplish more, or poking fun at how 'slow' they were proceeding. Most participants respect a fellow exerciser, with pleny of room given and shared. When you come for a visit, you will see how remarkable the system works and flows even during the busy times of 5pm to 7pm come. I must admit, though, when that rare once in a blue moon 'selfish' person does come to exercise, the rest expect proper etiquette!!
Yes, you have no excuse for not at least matter what! Hey, I'll bet that you come back and...and brag to a friend about how much better you feel after doing so.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


As a Philosophy major, it still is important to give back to the parts and people in American society who have and do honestly value what has been shared with them. When someone or ones have a sincere interest, desire and instinct to creatively write or advance their talents in photography and art in general, I will help, encourage and support. Often, there was no one around over the years to encourage me, but the will to learn and succeed continued to burn brightly. I admire that character in others, then! And especially admire the courage of an individual NOT to fall through the sieve and become like an average artist or writer or creator or inventor.
There is a developing and growing small town publication located in historic James City County, Virgina, who is standing by its convictions to be a really LOCAL "town" newspaper---Toano-Norge Times (TNT). Rosemary Van Houten is the publisher and creator of TNT. Google TNT!


This novel's first draft has been completed, with 550 pages. And the last draft is, currently, being carefully worked over and placed into WORD. The entire process of creating a novel has been and continues to be exhilarating, and taking time. After, over the years, furthering my artistic talents, photography, and other explorations, creative writing stands at the summit of self-fulfillment. Writing , and rewriting, an essay or magazine article, and now that first novel, has convinced me to continue on with another novel. Researching is laborious, but the personal satisfaction of uncovering "new" old material as resources for future compositions makes all of the hours spent reading and digging through a library worth the efforts!
The seven characters in TSB! have become real to me, especially after going back and reading over my earlier chapters. As I do, the process conjures up more and more ideas and thoughts to tweak what already was created...making the novel better and better!
People will ask me what the unusual title means...that's fair. After studying in the summer at the University of Virginia, I did fall in like with the campus, the Lawn. Within the original Academic Village, there are gardens that are surrounded by brick walls one brick wide and following a serpentine design. My seven characters, studying at a large and historic Southern university, by chance(?), meet and evolve into a strong friendship...a bond.
During their four years on campus, adventures that develop that bond, take them into a unique plot.
I feel that characters, plot and the five senses in detailed paragraphs make for a novel that will transcend the average to become a bestseller. Whoops...forgot to mention the importance of turns and twists and an eventual mystery that will shock America!
Marketing, now, is most important. Even before completing the last draft, The Serpentine Bond! is being presented and discussed around the World...really. No more clues for now. There's a bit of mystery to maintain for a spell...

Have changed the working title for the 2nd novel, a romance, to Meet Me at the Wild Cherry Tree!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


a- Twist it and lick all of the white stuff off, one side at a time, then eat the cookie, one at a time!
b- Break the morsel in half and eat one half at a time!
c- Plunk the entire Oreo into your mouth and crunch away!
d- Pour a glass of COLD 'moo juice'...and then daintily dip half into the milk and eat...then the
other half!
e- Prepare a cup of hot tea....then dip part of the Oreo into the hot tea and eat...don't forget
to finish off the other portion!
f- Give the last Oreo that you have left in your Superman lunchbox to your bestest friend...and
watch them eat that one that you craved!
g- Crumble up your Oreo cookie and drop onto a bowl of your fave ice cream!
h- Stop buying the regular bag of Oreo cookies and, instead, buy the Double Stuf Oreo cookies
and forget the heck about the calories listed in Arabic on the side of the package!
i- Got one I didn't think of?


In 1992 Robert Redford directed this beautiful and haunting film that was adapted from a novella. Two fly-fishing brothers, one reserved and the other rebellious, grew up in Montana, with their father, a Presbyterian minister. The fly-fishing scenes were filmed along the Big Black Foot River. Redford is outstanding as a narrator throughout the film and, in the background, creates a philosophical feel second to none.
Trout fishing, and later learning the fine art of fly-fishing, has helped me in my appreciation for this film and for the films of Redford over the years. Once, one summer, was chosen, all expenses paid, to travel to Montana to study and help write a plan for teaching American government. Since it was my first trip to Big Sky Country, I left early and drove across country. I fell in like with America even more by seeing, on the ground, all of those neat and different states. But Montana, and Wyoming, really did it for me, the in like more part!
Fly-fishing along the Gallatin Valley, exploring, when time was available, towns like Bozeman was thrilling. But, though, driving through the middle of Yellowstone National Park in the middle of the night on my way to Big Sky, Montana was the ADVENTURE!
Yes, life is full of adventures for some of us, especially the squire!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Probably, but who cares when anything winds up chocolatized. This wordsmith created a new word...'chocolatizing'. Means 'laying on of a deep, dark layer of warmed melted chocolate'.
Seems like the 'makin' bacon dipped in warm chocolate' originated at a country fair out and about our American society. So, how does it happen?
Nice wide strips of fresh bacon are slowly fried, using two forks, and turning each one carefully over a few times, maintaining a flat look. Set aside, with forks, on a plate covered with a couple of paper towels.
Heat up that old fondue pot with intense dark chocolate.
Next, using those two trusty forks, very slowly dredge one strip of bacon at a time through the warmed dark chocolate, lift up and lay onto that same plate with a paper towel. Place plate in the fridge for a bit. Ready, try just one 'Makin' Bacon Chocolatized' tidbit. Makes a different and unique taste!


A break from the past....
One can think in terms of, like everything in society, at least two approaches. I'll take the upside that involves changing an individal's personality and social behavior.
One breaks up with someone special...changes jobs or positions...divorces...friendships change...depressed.... You can accomplish the goal by altering that style of dress...a different hairstyle or speech...internalizing more freedom of movement. To many, conforming in society is a others, conformity is not acceptable to an individual's sense of self.
I noticed someone recently who changed that sense of self with a hairstyle and color. She had a smile more often at her workplace, and accomplished more on the job. Going off to college is an excellent resocialization tool. One can get away from that high school 'character' that's been around for four years by creating a different personna with different friends in a different setting, and it's all normal and not deceptive.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


'Wa' is a term that is growing on me as a unique cultural concept indelibly imprinted upon the history of Japan! 'Wa' is the oldest recorded name for Japan. It is said that Japanese scribes wrote the word 'Wa' or 'Yamato' (Japan) with the Chinese character for it until the 8th century. For whatever reason, the Japanese decided it had faults and replaced it with a character meaning "harmony; peace."
That's the term and definition that I feel has the most significance.
The character and term was imported originally from the Chinese. The English translation is "spirit of unity" and is akin to the "harmony and peace" one.
Reminds me of what #41 (Former Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush) once said during his administration...he said that America needed a 'kinder and gentler Nation!' You know, I believe he was correct!