Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A) Are you a bit tired of the dialogues on national television where the speakers pretend to express their points back and forth with a trail of "ahs" and "uhs" between thoughts? "I want to, ah, tell you that, uh...uh, the dollar is, oh, falling faster than, ah, an errant spacecraft....uh, falling out of its orbit...umm." "Like we went to the concert last night and like met some new friends who like...."The Beltway Boys" on Fox News, bless their trying souls, have a bad case of those repetitive studders. Their intelligent minds are not ready for primetime television debating or dialogues..
Across the studio at Fox News is the antithesis of "The Beltway Boys" boys and a patriot--Bill O'Reilly! He's in control of his delivery, nary an ah or one like. If only he would ease up on his pushy and controling style attitude. We want an opportunity, too, Bill, to express ourselves and our own viewpoints without you cutting us off. However, we still like ya the bestest in broadcasting, Bill O'Reilly! May your factoring continue to enliven our thinking minds in the 'no spin zone'.

B) Whoops, have to get in one more observation at this point. Notice what happens with too many of the current "discussions" on TV news programs when at least two or more commentators are going wild over the same topic? They are all trying to out-talk, talk over the other or others. When that happens, the MUTE button is touched with an all-powerful index finger! "The View" receives my index finger more than any other talk program.

C) The problem of "uhhhhhing" has grown so badly during the post-election weeks, this guy, who likes to view varied news programs to keep at par with current news, is forced to change channels while working at the typewriter or on WORD. I want to be able to send an analysis of my own straight through from my 'puter to the channel telling the offenders what they are doing and how many times they used those highly irritating "uhhhhs" and "ahhhs."

D) (2/23/09) The present White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs: many of us have "awarded" Gibbs the "all time UH-UH-AH-AH AWARD". Listening to him in recent days and nights is so irritating as a representive, nationally, for our White House! And that's a shame that all of us have to be confronted with that type of behavior each and every time we want to, need to listen to the White House. We need to send a video to Robert to "help" him before we completely turn him off, nationally. Gosh, do you think I'm now on the White House "list"? When this educator, back in the '90s, became a national/international person when communicating with Pres. Castro and our Pres. Clinton about bringing our two countries together (90 miles apart) to TALK, the FBI contacted me in person about my activities. Yes, ron is in a file somewhere in our federal government...wonder what it says about me? The only purpose was to get involved, to bring Americas and Cubans together to! I received boxes of letters from everyday Cubans wanting to, as just individals, say "hey."