Thursday, October 30, 2008


A peanut farmer...a closet Marxist...and a hoard of lemmings racing to the sea!
Once upon a time, back in the late 1970s, there were American hostages languishing in an Iranian 'prison' for 444 days, because our leader could not act and could not bring our fellow Americans home. Our country, because of his harming lack of experience and leadership, was brought to our proverbial 'knees' by a bunch of government supported THUGS! That lack of national leadership showed the rest of the world...well, you figure it out by reading your History books for the 20th century.
Now, our country, that means me, us, once again could be on the brink of making a catastrophic error in judgment with both the Legistative and Executive Branches of our national government who, together, will control two of our federal branches of government and head us in the direction of an extreme form of socialism for our heartland within a short period of time. But, the most serious element involves a 'closet Marxist' who wants to cleverly be our leader! Be in fear, Americans, that 2008/2009 could mark the advent of an America that YOU, me, will not recognize EVER again!!!
Lemmings...this studied student of History sees, I'm so sorry to say, thousands of lemmings, not thinking, running helter skelter to the sea, listening to a well-planned Madison Avenue sales pitch and 'guru' promising you anything and perish over the cliffs and into the sea! I KNOW how I will proudly vote on Tueday....NOT to DRASTICALLY change our good old American heritage and system that's been working, with changes, for all of us for over the past 200 years!

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