Saturday, June 26, 2010


A) Social commentary: I refer to "her" as Lady GagGag! Only in our America can a dodo rise up to take the $$$ from some fellow Americans. Yes, your choice. And my choice is to not listen and not buy anything associated with GagGag. One more the recent new Yankee Stadium, who was she really representing, emulating? I see "SELFISH, SPOILED" written all across her GagGag bod!
B) TAYLOR SWIFT....she writes her own songs...she's a decent, great role model...she gives 150% in her songs and on the concert stage...she is kind and considerate to fans along the way and time...and she HAS NOT succumbed to thinking she was better than her fans!!
WOW!!!! TAYLOR SWIFT is THE one who deserves to be THE American success story, period....
Oh, we've NEVER seen Taylor Swift drunk and taking off her clothes in public at a Yankee's baseball game, in front of the crowd! You go, Taylor!!
C) An excellent example of the "power of celebrity"....more dumbing down of American society. I just cannot believe that Americans in our American society could be so dumb as to appreciate mindless persons in the spotlight??????

Friday, June 25, 2010


A) Our three American youth who, after a solid year, are still being held HOSTAGE in iran? I don't hear ANY outcry from my fellow Americans, especially the youth, for getting them freed? And I especially don't see and hear one single word from our White House demanding that our fellow Americans be freed! Do you? We have forgotten them! Remember the 444 days that a group of Americans were held captive in iran back in the late '70s???? Something is terribly wrong here, America! But the White House does have time to play golf...entertain rockers....
B) And those many Iranian youth and others who have been slaughtered during the past year? Did our White House step up and speak out, DO SOMETHING, anything, to help those Iranian youth in their struggle to become FREE? CAn YOU remember the 26-yr.-old who was shot last year and died, bled to death, in an Iranian street before our very eyes? Well, can you?
C) Again...WHO CARES?---------------------------

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A) OK, what is that sickening NOISE in the background at the World Cup competitions this month?
B) The vuvuzlas horns played by the 'cretins'...this group of disrespectful idiots in the stands have come up with a NOISE that iritates the heck out of just about everybody, especially the players. And have slid under the rules of the World Cup federation that allows the "support" of a team.
C) Social custom? Bull hockey! It's an utter lack of respect for millions of honored soccer!!!!! And, now, guess what the world will probably have to put up for years at any soccer match anywhere in our world? Idiots imitating idiots! It will become a social freakin' fad. Betcha....
D) CREATE A NEW RULE AND SEND THE cretins packing, NOW!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


A) Vacationing families camped in a remote Arkansas valley southwest of Little Rock...a flash flood.
B) When a child, a similar flash flood roared down from the mountains during the middle of the night in the North River Gorge of Augusta County, Virginia, a Girls Scout camp was quickly evacuated, girls and leadersgoing up the steep mountainside to escape, in the middle of the summer night. My parents drove, later, through the forest area that we had visited often over the years. This little boy, me, was deeply affected by the stories the adults related around me of a flood during the night. I remember seeing only one building left standing in the flat area below the Gorge---a white country church.
C) This week, in Arkansas, 6 children were...swept away. This story is very difficult for me.... Their souls are blessed..........

Friday, June 11, 2010


A) If you like to watch some of the "Food Channel" progams, and I do at times, some of the on-camera cooks who earn mega-$$$, take liberties by "eye-balling" all of their measurements. Do you?
B) Unless you have years of experience, suggest that you use the old-fashioned and tried cookbook methods and measurements for better!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


A) KEEP THE FAITH, ABBY, and everyone around the world who cares about this brave and adventurous teen!!!! She was on another adventure, alone, to sail around-the-world and didn't check in.....yet.

B) FOUND!!!...she was tracked and found overnight. There was a storm, with 40' waves, 2,000 miles east of Australia and Africa in the Indian Ocean. The sailboat's mast and rigging were snapped off, and she had no way to navigate, but they FOUND her withtwo tracking devices on board...a plane flew out, with little fluel to spare, and spotted her before the crew had to return back to the base!
C) Today, in this year of 2010, America and the world has a 16-year-old teen, girl, who is the essence of bravery and ADVENTURE! This guy loves ADVENTURE and taking changes on ADVENTURES, but never even close to the character of OUR ABBY SUNDERLAND!!
D) Abby's parents have six (6) other siblings in their family in thousand Oaks, California. You go, Abby!! What a person and what a teen, know what I mean?
E) Aussie, French and the USA are cooperating in getting to her, drifting in the ocean...those fierce waves have abated! may take another 20 to 30 hours to actually reach her in the ocean.
F) And, after she is hugged and greeted by her family and neighbors, I'll be that someone who will ask her if she will try the goal again, to complete the sailing mission all the way around....and, I'll wager that she says------YES!!
G) .......................Now some "nice" reporter is pushing that Abby was not prepared for the solo trip around the world, that her sailboat was not up to par for the journey. I need to ponder that for a 'spell.'

H) Check out Abby's sites:
1- type in google----Abby Sunderland's blog---

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


1) My all-time fave Father's Day dad is---my late father, Melvin ('Bus'). He didn't complete his high school studies but was wiser than anyone you, or me, will EVER know.
2) And my paternal grandfather, Carl!! As a youth, when he went looking for a job, a craftsman, tailor, gave him the opportunity to learn the skill...and he did! For decades, my grandfather was an honored and respected person in his town, on a hill along Buttermilk Spring Road.
3) My grandfather, Carl, and grandmother, Willie. I honored them this month (May/'19) with a special written tribute, article, in "COUNTRY" magazine. It's a national magazine, based in Wisconsin, and has a subscription run of over 1 million copies each mailing. An average of four million (4 persons to a family) read the excellent 'rural' mag four times a year, with many all COLOR pics and real persons. You'll see it on many newsstands.
4) My father's duty to the family always came first! An early memory bank included hearing him, when it snowed, putting chains on the family car to make sure that WE would be safe going to school....waking up to the whiffs of his homemade biscuits baking away. We usually had a choice of "orange" or "red" biscuits. He had added orange juice or tomato juice to the batter to make them "healthy!"
5) My grandfather, Carleton, was a gentle, quietly intelligent and inventive. When he needed a part or better way of doing something, as he "tinkered" about in his shop, he invented it, created it from scratch!
6) Both had a special love of the CIRCUS, too. My father designed and built miniature circus wagons in his shop!
7) ...more.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

520- Did YOU HAVE A "GOOGI"?.....

A) Please ponder that for a spell...and you did!
B) This American social commentary thinker says YES! And parents, or parent, are the reason, handing the old custom down through the many generations of our American past. AND, by the way, that is, uh, neat!
C) After asking scores of parents, or a parent, over the years, my conclusion is that this custom has long been a private affair. AND THAT, in itself, is a terriffic social tradition to hand down.
D) It appears that no one uses the term of "pacifier", opting instead for a unique designation specially created for THEIR child or children.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


A) Since munchkinhood, this guy has valued the out-of-doors and wildlife and how the entire plan of NATURE fits together....
B) When I pause a moment, during the past week and see the scenes that are now slipping through the contrived seive by BP, of brown pelicans, dolphins and hundreds of turtles and birds saturated with freaking OIL, tears begin to develop. Remember the unique and neat TV commerical about the land, once upon a time, with the Native American chief turning to face us, and a tear or three began to run down his weathered face?
C) It's 2010 for gosh sakes! Where are the leaders who are responsible for, federally, protecting us and our American shores? And what will happen if another one or group of fantically Islamists, vowing to kill us, succeed?'s 2010 for gosh sakes!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


A) Why? So much of my original style of writing and research presentation sets it apart...thanks for understanding.
This simply means that you'll need, please, to give credits to moi!...thanks.
B) I DO try to give credits to others, too!!!
C) July blogs for 2009! are welcome to check back to last year's July BLOGS on personal adventures, people met or in audicence and experiences during the years----every single one, that means every single experience and adventure IS T-R-U-E! If you see me in person, out and about, ask me to describe any of them...thanks. That 'squires view" blog is #342!!!!!

517- DO YOU REMEMBER "Summer Camp"?...I LOVED IT!.....

A) Every inch of my summer camp days were spent at Camp Bethel near Fincastle, Va.! You are invited to think back to your own memory bank as I progress with mine......
B) 'Hillside' was a rustic, wooden, covered on top only, assembly place built up the side of a wooded hill. Way back, ron rascal carved my name, and then girlfriend's name, up high in a wooden after. Years later, a memory trip back searched and found it...again....a tiny tear or three....
C) 'The Old Dining Hall'...was beside the edge of a small lake, surrounded by trees. Can still "see" someone ringing an ancient dinner bell outside beside the double-swinging door that "SLAMMED" every time someone went through without catching one or both. There were assigned seats at simple homemade picnic tables inside.
D) 'The Rec Hall'...made of river stones and still there. I learned to place 'Four-Square' in there, and how to skillfully play 'table tennis' (ping pong). And to SWIM with assuredness, even being a lifeguard one summer.
E) night three of us slipped away, across a fence to a pond filled with a frog or three. We brought a couple back and added to the lights-out rustic cabin's ambiance....