Thursday, January 28, 2010


In an earlier blog, this guy shared with you how a Virginia Tech coed, Morgan Harrington, had disappeared during a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, Virginia (C-Ville). Some of you now know that her remains, not her soul, were discovered and identified on a farm in nearby Albemarle County, by a farmer.............
With that earlier blog communication, someone representing her family my blog and sent me thanks and material that was shared by you, this blog's readers!
We are very heartbroken with the news this week. My thoughts cannot help but wish that someone/s had stepped forward to help Morgan during that ordeal of her abduction. It hurts, greatly, to think of her life coming to an end in such a way and place....may God continue to bless her SOUL, forever....rss

After days of respectful it's time for the FBI and Albemarle County Police Dept. to exhaust all avenues for the solving, charging and convicting of the one or ones responsible for this heinous crime! I predict that, by April 11th, the perp will be sitting in jail! Someone WILL snitch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


#1) General George Washington: during our Revolutionary War, Gen. Washington lost every battle with the invading British army. That is...until that frigid winter night on December 26, 1776. JOHN HONEYMAN, unknown in American history, was the REAL hero for America. He "spied" on the English soldiers and shared data for when there was vulnerability.
And there was! Washington, with his men under severe restrictions (little support), boarded his boats in the extreme cold of winter and headed for a BIG SURR-PRISE at Trention, H.J. And it worked! (yes, google, or go to your fave history book and read up on that big surr-prise by Gen. a Socratice-style educator!) He turned the momentum around for the Americans, that's us!

#2)"We shall go on to the end...we shall defend our island. whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!"
(Spoken by Sir Winston Churchill...June 4, 1940...hours after the British rout at Dunkirk...address to the House of Commons!)


....but there is still time, I hope, for our society's infracture to wake up and begin the massive task of saving it! Just look around you, out and about where you live and when you venture across our State and into other states! Aging bridges closing...potholes by the thousands...even uncut weeds along our roads!

A) GOOD OLD AMERICAN INGENUITY...brainstormin'! It's our secret to solving, I believe, any national issue. It takes, however, a "national screen" for all Americans to see and comprehend adroit speakers representing comprehensive views and data, in full debate mode, not just academia. I have yet to see that format!
I'ts 2010! Use our technological smarts to create roads that, where there is mucho snow and
ice, to adapt. And that includes outsmarting potholes. Create and build "flexible" bridges
that "breathe' instead of current bridges, for decades, that are RIGID.
B) Admit it...most of the current bridges all across our American are crumbling! They WILL
have to be replaced. At the present rate of replacing our seriously in trouble bridges, we'll
NEVER get caught up, costing us billions just for Interestates and "blue highways" and
urban streets...that's $$$$billions!
C) Highways and streets that use "glowing cement" and roads that actually store heat in the
many states with low temps during the winter months. Stats tell us that many accidents occurr at night. We CAN make our Interstates and highways GLOW at night, providing needed soft lighting for use.
D) Underneath our millions of miles of town and city streets! Plastic pipes are slowly
replacing very old water and sewer piples that have been underground for who knows
how long. And especially includes natural gas pipelines.
One summer, I had a job, with a
crew, searching for and digging up LEAKS in one city's natural gaslines. There was a very
thick book of listed natural gasline leaks in the work area. We would, each morning,
choose a page, with an address, to drill a small hole, insert a testing tube, and check
the needle for density of gas. Natural gas doesn't have a noticeable smell for humans,
so a "smell" is inserted into all gaslines. My crew then would DIG until we found, smelled,
gas! We also had the job of installing gas pipes from the street to the the home. Once,
as I dug for a leak, that gas smell spewed straight up. Scared the living #*&% out of me.
The forman, however, took his time and stuck a plug of mud over it. "We'll call the
backhoe guy over to dig it up! No sweat!"
E) Now a national report comes out that thousands of our airplane flights took off and landed, this past year, with substandard safety standards invoved! Americans keep saying that it's actually safer to fly than to drive in cars? I respectfully question that "fact"....
F) And what is, according to stats, the safest method of public transportation in our society? Trains and...buses!


"BEHAVIORISM" is the study of observable and quantifiable aspects of behavior, excluding subjective phenomena. Meaning in everyday language? What you see, factually!
No more using the general term of "profiling" or "racial profiling" as being negative!!
"Profiling behavior" is reality during this "war against our America." For is wearing a heavy coat or jacket or sweater, with no luggage, a one-way airline ticket! One is nervous on the airplane, not looking AT others! One is being in the bathroom for LONG periods of time!
Israel's airline/s have been using this "behaviorism" methods for years, and they DO make it work!! It has and does have NOTHING to do with race! Don't let that gimmick and rationalism enter the scheme of thinking about our WAR ON TERROR! This type of profiling has everything to do with our AMERICAN safety...PERIOD!

Monday, January 18, 2010


PIRATE. It's 2010 and the booty-grubbing pirates along the Somalian coast are raking in some mighty huge booty loot...and getting away with it, for gosh sakes!!! So, wanna join me in becoming a PIRATE?

1) You need an outfit, right? Should be one in your Halloween closet. If not, watch the original 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and make one, 'K?
2) We need to learn some "arrgh" language, too. First word is 'swashbuckler'...then "shiver me timbers! about, "where's your booty?"
3) Maybe borrow a plastic sword and practice it by swishing it forth and back at least thirty-two times.
d) We could declare the Chesapeake Bay or the James River our roamin' home territory. Anyone have a sturdy rowboat? We need it to force the big tankers and freighters into dropping their $$$$ over the side into our rowboat from a helicopter, or we will board them and demand more!
e) And how do we split it up, afterwards? No fair stealing more than your allotted share! And do not accept any freaking pennies or other coins. You WANT money that floats and flutters when it's thrown down into your rowboat!
f) To heck with working for a salary, the hard way. Just look at the easy booty raked in by the
Somalian pirates. They've been getting away with it for years. And how they do laugh AT
the trusting, ignorant merchants in the Indian Ocean!!!! They've probably been
investing millions of their booty dollars in land in our country or in Coca-Cola!
g) Check out selling your booty bounty on eBay, too. Maybe advertise an old treasure chest full of bounty for seven days, with free shipping!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I "saw" an orphanage hidden away only 2 k. from the main airport. Newspersons had discovered that orphanage of babies and tiny children. The few adults, who had refused to leave the children, were leading them in songs of infant milk...only some cow's milk for tens of them. Behind the orphange building, they discovered an old bus full of newborn infants and up to two.
At that airport, numerous boxes of food and meds were stacked up! Thugs had visited the home and tried to steal even food from the mouths of the infants.... The Salvation Army has begun to send in food to them.
As an American government educator, I know the background of the "country" of Haiti. And how the Haitian people have been treated for decades. Do your homework and discover how their Prez has lived...OK?
And, all of that time, the world has ignored, with not a freaking thing done to help....!

Did we see the Iranian "leaders" immediately offer and do send help to Haiti? Did we see the Chinese "leaders" do likewise? Did we see pudgy prez Chavez from Venezula run his fat mouth and offer, send help to a nearby country?


Thursday, January 14, 2010


A "social commentary": back in the 1960s "novelty dances" were the rage, one after the other. Were they "FADS" or "FASHIONS"? "Fads" rise up and disappear! "FASHIONS" rise up and stick around, like blue jeans and bikinis....

a- "The Twist"...'60 b- "The Pony"...''61 c- "The Mash Potato"...'62
d- "The Watusi"...'63 e- "It's Pony Time"...'61 f- "Hanky Panky"...'66
g- "Tighen Up"...'68 h- "Do The Freddie"...'65 i- "The Camel Walk"...'67
j- "The Hand Jive" k- "The Monster Mash" l- "The Hully Gully"
m- "The Locotion"...'62 n- "The Hitch Hike"...'63 m- "the Shake!"

Note: All of these are FADS!

Monday, January 11, 2010


A Guardian Angels...highly spiritual beings. If this thought turns you off right away, go elsewhere, please.....(more....)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


...fecal bacteria in a very recent study. Nearly 50% of the 90 soda fountain machines tested around Roanoke, the "Star City of the South", tested for coliform bacteria, antibiotic-resistant microbes and E. coli samples!!
A) That MEANS the soda fountains at the "you-do-it-yourself" counter machines in nearly all fast-food restaurants AND convenience stores. Coming from....?
B) Employees who do not wash their hands BEFORE hooking up containers and those tubes. Once someone is involved in that dirty habit, the bacteria remains in that area!
C) How do we solve it? The owners and managers, NOW, have to take apart and SCRUB every inch every single machine in the Roanoke area!....and TRAIN employees and make sure that they follow expert sanitation rules and regulations...period.
D) MORE? Sorry...I, and some of you, now wonder, how many towns and cities, and soda machines just in Virginia and our Williamsburg have a potential huge problem? It's up to us, YOU, to ask and demand!
E) This Dr Pepper-upper, some time ago, sensed that the "yourself" fountains at the local convenience stores had a problem, so, only sealed bottles of soda were purchased!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


No matter what anyone thinks, ELVIS was actually an excellent singer!
So....anyone have an absolute fave ELVIS song?____________
Mentioned in an earlier blog that a couple of us had tickets to an ELVIS concert for the weekend in Roanoke, "the Star City of the South"...our first ELVIS concert! He passed away during that week, just a few days before the weekend concert....
(Trivia...what was his middle name?)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


The local "oldest newspaper in America" just published my yearly, now 11, predictions for 2010 (that's Twenty-ten!) It's time for the squire to go national....

#1) Iran...the murderous mulahs and "president" of Iran will, during the first half of this year, be overthrown out of "office" and tried for TREASON! The short smart-ass murdering prez, who gave the word to murder his own young Iranian people, will be thrown into a prison for months before going on public trial! He will be forced to stand, handcuffed, all during the trial.
#2) Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, of Nevada, WILL BE defeated this coming year in a Senate election! A Washington Post reporter and a NBC correspondant will uncover his new job, doing extensive undercover reporting, in the spring of 2011, where Reid will be discovered working at a floral shoppe in Las Vegas, creating corsages for weddings at one of those quickie marriage chapels!
#3) Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader, will lose that position come November of this year...and pout and cry non-stop until after Christmas of this year, when she will become a "Miss Bo-tox" spokesperson for persons who live west of the Mississippi!
#4) The highly successful "Tea Party" followers and leaders of America will take back America from the White House "czars" and return our country back to a "kinder, gentler way of life" that President #41 talked about often during his term of office!
#5) Our current prez will be a one-term president!
#6) Old-fashioned ice cream parlours will once again become so popular
in 2010 that reservations may be a necessity!...oh, and CHOCOLATE will nudge out "Banilla" in popularity. You go, banana splits!!! You'll remember them from your munchkinhood...chocolate, vanilla and strawberry...marshmallow fluff...pineapple bits and that glorious hot fudge sauce slowly slidin' down the sides...whoops, don't forget that little red 'chino cherry on top! Anyone know what "dirty vanilla" ice cream is?
7) American small businesses, capitalism, will, this year, once again rise to the top and SAVE our economy...just like Pres. Reagan, THE LEADER, did back in the '80s!
8) That dictator from Venezuela will be deposed!!!, and the good and decent peoples of Venezuela WILL run the country as a FREE democracy once again!
9) The word CHRISTMAS will continue to rise in importance and use, once again, in America!
10) "S'MORES' will officially be declared a NATIONAL TREASURE right alongside grilled cheese 'wiches!
11) Millions of honorable Chinese peoples WILL rise up, collectively, and overthrown the dictator system and people who tell them what to do and how to think! Those dictator-system, corrupt "leaders" will suddenly disappear, just like they made so many honorable Chinese people over the years disappear!
12) HONG KONG! Their quest for their own democracy-style leadership, led by huge numbers of good and honorable Hong Kong citizens, will grow and grow and fruition!

Friday, January 1, 2010

439- "I-M-A-G-I-N-E".........

For years, at the New Year's New York Times Square celebration, one of the songs played is John Lennon's "Imagine"...wonder why? Here are the lyrics.....

"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try
No hell below us, above only sky
Imagine all the people living for today ah

Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possesion, I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger, brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people all the people sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one