Thursday, October 9, 2008


Seven cheers for cupolas! This historian is in like with the small architectural and often ornamental dome structures on top, usually in the middle, of buildings.
Colonial architecture was and still is a good source for cupolas. Living in the "Colonial Capital of Virginia" (Williamsburg, Va.), some fine examples can be observed when one looks up. The restored Colonial Capitol building and the Governor's Palace are excellent examples. My local town and county now have at least 216 cupolas!
And, when I travel out and about my native State, searching, researching and photographing any structure that is OLD, like old-fashioned diners, standing train depots, farms, farmhouses, abandoned farmhouses, lighthouses, swinging bridges, iron bridges, mills, schools, BARNS, I see more and more cupolas coming back in vogue!
My own College of William and Mary has seven impressive cupolas around the campus. Barrett Hall's cupola magnificently stands out and tall as one drives along our Jamestown Road.
Now you know what a cupola is, so, next time you visit our world famous TOWN, look up...don't forget your camera....
NEWS FLASH: William and Mary's lastest cupola WAS hoisted atop the new 'Business Building' this Friday morning, October 10th, between about 11:17am and cheers plus 7 more!

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