Friday, August 19, 2011

553- "GUILTY Of GENDER BIAS"?.....

A) Are you serious?  The "social crime" of GENDER BIAS has been allowed to permeate every society for centuries!  Why?  And who, for centuries, has made the decisions for the male gender to be "in charge"?  
B) Gosh, what was the year, right here in America, when over half of our citizens were "GIVEN" the right to, uh, VOTE?  Can you say...1919?  Own land in America?
C) Today, can ANY "qualifying" female be ordained a priest?
D) Today, can ANY "qualifying" female be ordained a rabbi?
E) Are you bold, honest enough to tell the world what happens, today, if your gender is female?  Do males have to wear covers on the head and faces?  Can women drive autos in most countries?  And who makes those decisions in most of those same countries?
F) In our America...will a female ever be ELECTED the President of our USA, in your lifetime?
G) Point:  females are, by far, more PRACTICAL in their approaches to examining and solving potential problems!

Monday, August 15, 2011

552- $70 MILLION A---D-A-Y?..........

A) THAT's,  Amer-i-cans, $70 MILLION A FREAKING DAY IN INTEREST that our country is paying, EVERY DAY, in interest for the monies BORROWED from......
B) ...C-H-I-N-A!
C) Now....try to imagine what Amer-i-cans and our country could do, every day, with that $70 million stuffed into China's pockets every day?  Even more so, take a gander at how the Chinese govt. is building and building and building their infrastructures and physical society!...with OUR monies!
D) ...that's OUR monies!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

551- 30 AMER-I-CANS...17 NAVY SEALS....

A) Last weekend...30 fellow Amer-i-cans, 17 of them U.S. NAVY SEALS, were ambushed in Afghanistan, and their large helicopter was hit by a "rocket" while they were on a mission in a small valley.  The 'copter broke into three sections and fell into a rocky stream, killing all on board, including a Special Forces dog.

B) This very-patriotic Amer-i-can, like millions of fellow Amer-i-cans, have felt a deep sorrow all of this week for the mission specialists who sacrificed their lives!!  And we especially thought, with reverence, of all of the families....

C) We may never be told the truth, by our "government", if the murders of the 30 were carefully planned in retaliation for the murder of bin Laden....?

D) Out of respect for the reverent memories of all of our fellow Amer-i-cans murdered last weekend in a country far from our Amer-i-can shores, and their families, this outspoken guy will reserve my future thoughts about "foreign wars" and the BILLIONS it's costing us for!