Thursday, October 2, 2008


Probably, but who cares when anything winds up chocolatized. This wordsmith created a new word...'chocolatizing'. Means 'laying on of a deep, dark layer of warmed melted chocolate'.
Seems like the 'makin' bacon dipped in warm chocolate' originated at a country fair out and about our American society. So, how does it happen?
Nice wide strips of fresh bacon are slowly fried, using two forks, and turning each one carefully over a few times, maintaining a flat look. Set aside, with forks, on a plate covered with a couple of paper towels.
Heat up that old fondue pot with intense dark chocolate.
Next, using those two trusty forks, very slowly dredge one strip of bacon at a time through the warmed dark chocolate, lift up and lay onto that same plate with a paper towel. Place plate in the fridge for a bit. Ready, try just one 'Makin' Bacon Chocolatized' tidbit. Makes a different and unique taste!

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