Saturday, October 4, 2008


In 1992 Robert Redford directed this beautiful and haunting film that was adapted from a novella. Two fly-fishing brothers, one reserved and the other rebellious, grew up in Montana, with their father, a Presbyterian minister. The fly-fishing scenes were filmed along the Big Black Foot River. Redford is outstanding as a narrator throughout the film and, in the background, creates a philosophical feel second to none.
Trout fishing, and later learning the fine art of fly-fishing, has helped me in my appreciation for this film and for the films of Redford over the years. Once, one summer, was chosen, all expenses paid, to travel to Montana to study and help write a plan for teaching American government. Since it was my first trip to Big Sky Country, I left early and drove across country. I fell in like with America even more by seeing, on the ground, all of those neat and different states. But Montana, and Wyoming, really did it for me, the in like more part!
Fly-fishing along the Gallatin Valley, exploring, when time was available, towns like Bozeman was thrilling. But, though, driving through the middle of Yellowstone National Park in the middle of the night on my way to Big Sky, Montana was the ADVENTURE!
Yes, life is full of adventures for some of us, especially the squire!

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