Saturday, May 29, 2010

516- OUR 'MEMORIAL DAY' 2010........

A) Bagpipes..."Amazing Grace"...dualing bugles.....
B) This proud American cannot, will not, forget my experiences when last visiting our Arlington National Cemetery, along the Potomac River. I had paused by the JFK burual site, then walked on up the hilld to the Tombs of the Unknown Soldier. The scene is, forever, etched in my memory bank...quietness....respect...reverence. Then, I strained to hear a note or three of a familiar piece of music. And walked in that direction. A burial had taken place, and, as I moved closer, the music became more evident.
D) Off to the left, in a small woods, were the familiar notes of 'Taps' by a lone bugler. A second or three later, to the opposite side, hidden from my view, the same notes began...dualing. This AMERICAN, unabashedly, began to have a tiny tear or three stream down my face, with an everpresent light breeze moving across from left to right. Far off, to my left, across the River, I could make out the form of the memorial to Thomas Jefferson...and the very tall, pointed obelisk memorial to George Washington, glistening white in the sunshine.....
E) And another a football game in C-Ville, during halftime, the entire halftime was buzzing with chatter, 'cause our Wahoos were ahead!. And then "it" spread rapidly throughout the entire sunny, fall afternoon. Somewhere, hidden to me, a bagpiper began to prime and then play "Amazing Grace", to honor our fallen American soldier. Almost to the a second, the HUSH 'frozen' the chattering scene, for the bagpiper continued on with the familiar tune. This native Virginian looked around and noticed hundreds and hundreds of fans and players and cheerleader instantly either place a hand over their hearts or lower their face a bit. Even little children....
Once again, something inside of me swelled with AMERICAN pride inside. I shall never, ever, forget that scene that afternoon in a crowded football stadium at our University of Virginia in...C-Ville!! YOU GO, WAHOOS.......

Monday, May 24, 2010


A) A natural history commentary: suggest you type in "American Chestnut Foundation" ('google') and uncover some neat background on the American chestnut before we proceed...thanks.
B) In our early 20th century forests, especially in the East, American Chestnut trees were the strong, straight and TALL trees in the woods. The saplings were sooo determinted to raise to the sunshine, they had to be tall and grow sturdily.
If you ever drive through our National Forests, you'll sometimes discover, looking carefully, still-standing chestnut zig-zag fences protecting what once was a cabin or mountain farmhouse...after all these years!
C) Your grandparents remembered roastin' chestnuts over an open fireplace. As a matter of fact, isn't there a neat CHRISTMAS song about "....roasting chestnuts on....?"
D) They are, ever soooo slowly. Our American chestnut is being "mixed" with a succesful blight resistant chestnut from another part of the world to create one that is going head to head to battle the blight that devastated our American chestnut decades ago!!
E) Next time you're out and about our Virginia's Blue Ride mts. and Appalachians, Blue Ridge Parkway, NOICE the old wooden fences still ambling along the two-lane roads in those mountains.....betcha they're the pre-blight American chestnut fences...betcha! NOW YOU KNOW.....


A) A bit of personal social culture...what is a TINKERER?..a 'shop'....a 'shed'? Only an earlier GUY or country GUY should know!
B) Both designed and built simple "shops", 'sheds' or garages out back to into and "tinker" within their own private 'escape', both being expert craftsmen...tailors!
C) Both liked to build 'thangs' out 'putter' 'tinker'...little thangs, but always the aim was to have their own little space to do it, by themselves, away removed from the madding crowd. Both had a fascination, so did I, with the circus. So, my father would design and build little wooden models of circus wagons. He even bought, later, an acre of wooded, mountain land in Deerfield Valley to 'get away' and tinker.
The other gender, by the way? Have, as yet, uncovered NO women to have ever 'tinkered!'
D) 'Tinkering' seems to have disappeared in our current society! And seems not to be passed on from father to son anymore. What a shame! Hey, this guy still carries on the tradition of 'tinkering' that my grandfather passed on to my father to me. But it now goes on at my typewriter and computer space!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


A) Example: you have a problem with the owner, who is, you feel, taking advantage of you. LEVERAGE means that you check with the local. or state governments, and find out exactly what rights you have with the situation! Then, you, with personal strength, 'confront', with a witness, and expect changes FOR your rights. You, therefore, gained LEVERAGE by doing your homework and confronting the owner. I do not respect the title of "landlord."
B) "The end justifies the means!".....the philosophy HAS TWO SIDES to it! Throughout history, some people and groups have used it to justify their own hideous returns, like Stalin and Castro and maybe even some people you know! BUT....the other side of this issue can use the GOOD for GOOD results/ends! You need and want a good work for it and the end is....A GOOD CAR! You want a home....and save and work and use your smarts to earn a mortgage for THAT home!!!!
C) SEE? Two sides, like a Virginia quarter!

Friday, May 21, 2010


A) Yes, I know that 100% of you do it...that's checking out what's printed on that T-shirt coming towards you! And how many of you, during these warmer months, LIKE to choose and wear somethin NEAT yourself? C'mon, admit it....
B) This guy does, and has for some time. This week, I just had to purchase a 1969 "WOODSTOCK" 'T' on sale for $10 at good ole 'James Cash Pen-nays.' Little did I realize, honest, that many, many people of all ages would stop and ask me where I got it! It was fun....
C) A few years back, at 'Tar-zha', I found a brown-colored 'T' with pics of the FAB Four' on the front. To this day, every time I wear it, many people even yell out, from a distance, that the 'T' is NEAT! That includes widdle kids and all ages up to grandmothers.
D) Yes, the power of a printed 'T-shirt' is an American social phenomenon that's been out and about for years! I 'triple-dog dare' you to rummage through your clothes drawers, maybe iron it a BIT, and wear one of your faves this warm weekend...otay? And I also bet you that most of you have taken good care of your fave ones, too, over the years. Some of mine were purchase back in 1907....1907? My friends, and Sarah, claim that one of my attributes is a...a sense of humor! Et vous?


A) Virginians....READ and PONDER the our fellow State of Arizona and their Governor Brewer, please!
B) Remember....know the FACTS!...know the history!...DO NOT get caught up in all the misinformation being thrown at you, us, from the small group of LIARS bent upon arrousing and fomenting the thousands of uninformed, those ignorant of the hard facts! not be a lemming!
C) I ask can a fellow American city or state stoop so low as to throw an ignorant-based boycott against OUR fellow proud State of Arizona?
D) Instead, I and others, are leading a "BUY-COTT" for ARIZONA...that's a "BUY-COTT."

E) When the Homeland Security secretary was asked if she had READ the current Arizona bill that she had been attacking, she said......"!"
F) When our U.S. Attorney General was asked if he had read the current Arizona bill that he had been attacking, he said....."!"
G) MISINFORMATION!...when the Arizona Governor brought out her State's new bill, an immediate and calculated "HATCHE JOB' took over with the 'opposition' to the bill every so quickly hitting in the streets, catching much attention from the liberal-kinda news media. Some 'group' instigated the well-planned histeria, like lemmings!
H) the prez, who didn't read the Arizona bill at first, immediately went public against it, making a 'joke', while State of Arizona foots the millions of dollars expenses for ILLEGAL aliens inundating their school and health system! That's it!!!!
I) At least two California cities called for their citizens to 'boycott' Arizona...that's the pits!
J) "OPEN the Arizona BORDERS" is what was yelled for a week or more!
K) And what IS the overall major problem with this entire mess? OUR federal government, according to OUR U.S. Constitution, is legally and MUST PROTECT our country as an entity, and that includes the border along Arizona.
L) A girls' basketball championship team From Illinois was told that they COULD NOT go to Arizona for an earned tournament, without an ounce of input from the girls and their parents. An Asst. Superintendent did it, saying that they "wouldn't be safe."
M) Well....Arizona has NOT received any Constitutional support with the HUGE border problem from the federal government, via OUR White House. Our prez has, in public, sided WITH one group, without knowing the facts and especially what the LAW says! And even played pals with a visiting head of state, not one of our own States....

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A) A social culture's interesting, in a unique way, to observe the better gender, girls and women, when someone is around and is snapping pics of them. Recently, at a local university graduation, this historian and sociology person began to notice how EVERY girl and woman, when a pic was about to be snapped, assumed the now typical position----slight turn to one side or the other, slight bend in knees and a warm smile, with white teeth prominent. When two or more were in the same pic, they quickly synced with that same now classic pose described above!
B) Did I notice the guys assuming this pose? NO....
C) So, what does this mean? The female gender, once again, has developed one of their own distinct characteristics...this one of posing for a pic or three. It's all on the surface, period. You go, female gender!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

509- HEY, MR. MAN is....THIRTY!.....

A) The year was 1980....does anyone remember those 'chines that offered us a game called....can you say PAC-MAN? Ok, I admit to being slightly hooked on that game at a local 7-Come-Eleven! By the way, remember those free-standing games...long before the current hand-held "games." Let's see...uh, the Mario Bros?
B) When my beautiful little daughter, Sarah, would come for a weekend, we would stop at a 7-Come-Eleven and play PAC-MAN at the standup 'chine! And then get a Dr Pepper at the nearby fountain. Her fave TRICK was to push all of the soda buttons INTO my one Big Gulp cup.......! Then she would giggle....
C) WAIT!...was there ever a Mrs. Pac-Man?....yes.


"Personal LIBERTY TRUMPS government control in every darn way! You go, PERSONAL LIBERTY!"

507- I FOUND THEM!...I DID, I FOUND 'EM!....Introducing The Couple Who Come Up With All Of Those Dang New Drug Names!!....

A) The seventy-something couple, Chester and Bertie Mae Pennypacker, live in a small rustic mountain cabin built by his grandfather, up in a tranquil hollow on a distant ridge near Humpback in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia! Little Chester, a faithful bluetick hound, is their constant companion, especially around breakfast and supper, skipping lunch to chase critters in the woods.
B) The couple, for years, has been the only ones to secretly ponder, think up and create those clever two or three-syllable names for all of the "new" drugs you see advertised constantly on TV. No one, for all that time, has had any clue as to how and who thought up the "trippingly-off-the-tongue" drug names, UNTIL this avid Virginia researcher went on the search and found Chester and Bertie Mae sittin' on their cabin front porch one early morning last week!
C) After breakfast, I saw Bertie Mae take out her old-fashioned notepad and a #2 sharpened pencil, whittled by Chester's trusty penknife, before beginning the couple's pondering session. Little Chester stretched out on the old wooden floor, with a yelp or three every time the two came up with yet another two or three-syllable title. And when they did, Bertie jotted it down and then walked into the front parlour, sat down at her new Dell 'puter and sent an e-mail to a billion $$ drug company president!
D) "Go4It!" Chester suddenly blurted out, causing me to startle. He paused his energetic rocking, too. "That's a good one, Bertie Mae! Don't know what drug, but the 'company' will up and like it! Go on in to the 'puter and send it away, please!" With that, Little Chester's tail did a non-stop wag for a spell.
E) Yes, America...that's how we get all of those new drug titles you'll find advertised every day on TV.
F) Also....notice every single drug advertised on TV has that lengthy disclaimer about what will happened if you DO have problems with their drug? That's in case, in a few months, YOU will develop threatening health problems. When YOu bring a civil suit, the lawyers will claim that "you shoulda know better!" Also II...then guess who will be paid mega-$$$$ for handling the case in a court? Are you guessing??
G) much does Bertie Mae, Chester and Little Chester get paid?
Chester: "Not tellin' you, but you can look around our cabin in this hollow and SEE opulence!"
Bertie Mae: "Chester just learnt that 'opulence' word on the internet last night." Little Chester looked up at me, and his tail started wagging again, with gusto!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A) FIRST OFF...It is NOT broken!
B) WILL BE if our feds and White House get anywhere near our Internet!!!
C) A social commentary....I have come to the conclusion, after much pondering, that the answer is a resounding NO!...NO WAY!!
D) Just for the coming record, did all of you know that our White House was secretly discussing how they would spring the next round of "MAKE WORKING AMERICANS PAY FOR THE OTHERS WHO DON'T"...translated as meaning "distributing the wealth" around from all of us who go to work every day and pay taxes to ante up for the freaking freeloaders who sponge off the rest of us! And it slipped out that billions of $$$$ were ready to be siphoned up to give to the freeloaders.
E) GLOBAL EVERYTHING! Please pay attentions to the little comments scattered out and about by OUR White House and MANY people in OUR federal government. OUR sec. of state, recently, slipped in the term of "global governmen." OUR White House has used the 'global' term often, careful to quietly slip in the term. "They" are subverted our intelligence, good Americans. Listen, if you don't believe me.....

Monday, May 17, 2010


A) NOPE! This one now is #2! Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch, with three guys(?) who are driving around discussing and then singing the merits of the Crunch. They're holding slurping, slipping and sliding bowls of the Crunch saturated with 'moo juice' and are having an exciting(?) discussion about that cereal. Can you say, "dumb...stupid...and dumber"?
B) #1 NOW HAS TO BE STAPLE's "WOW!...that price is low!!
C) If you dare, check them out!
D) PLEASE give us another GEICO Southern girl's 'pothole' commercial, instead, but not that DUMBER "eyes" commercial!
I'll even like that tiny GREEN gecko, from England, who talks and eats 'crisps.'
E) By the way, do you think that little green feller is real? Or a 'fig newton' of our imagination?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

504- "RIVER MONSTERS"......(Animal Planet TV)....

A) OK, while working on WORD late at night, have gotten interested in "River Monsters" on Animal Planet. The advenurer, Jeremy Wade, is quite intelligent and boldly daring as he searches for local tales from around the world to prove or disclaim "river monsters." He methodically searches, HIMSELF, for the truth...very interesting stuff!
B) He is a biologist, adventurer and uses, during all of his explorations around the world, LOGIC and ANALYSIS to TRY to solve the mysteries confronted him on "River Monsters!"


A) Ever FELT like you had run out of that proverbial steam on a project? I have, for the past few weeks, trying to complete my first 637+ page novel--The Serpentine Bond!
B) Then, I came across my fave "Coyote Ugly", again, this weekend. It's all about Violet, "Jersey", who has a dream to compose and sing her own tunes, in public! But she's scared to sing public!!
Oh, but she IS good at it, singing.... When the "coyote ugly" music is added throughout the film, well now, this author DID get reinspired, this time around. That last chapter is finally beginning to fall into place. It is soooo important 'cause the rest of the 637+ pages NEEDS it! Writing a novel is a lonely job, late at night and early in the mornings....research...write...rewrite...rewrite and then rewrite a BIT more. But the results, the completed epic story of seven (7) university chums, will take America and 46 countries in the world by storm, a snowstorm!
C) Thanx, "Jersey".....and "Coyote Ugly" and the film's musical score! You done me good!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A) This prolific prose author has simply ignored the world of poetry, even when having to study the different styles back in school. EPIPHANY! One of my now fave
B) Music has been a part of my appreciated inner self since singing in the Church of the Brethren (kin to Amish and Mennonite) choir. When the minister told me once, in front of my peers, that my appreciation for the exciting and lively Rock 'n Rock was not appreciated and that maybe I wasn't needed in the church, this youngster didn't agree and continued on appreciating Chubby Checker, the Beatles, Dave Clark Five even more AND singing in the choir...even earning an honor of being chosen as a Virginia All-State singer.
C) But I am trying, honestly, to read and comprehend more non-music poetry...even have begun to dabble a bit in writing the words.
D) Then, one of my personal ephiphanies came to me in recent months! Music lyrics COULD be---poetry! Yes, they are...they really are!

E) "You might wake up some morning
to the sound of something
moving past your window in the wind
and if you're quick enough to rise
you'll catch the fleeting glimpse
of someone's fading shadow

Out on the new horizon
you may see the floating motion
of the distant pair of wings
and if the sleep has left your ears
you might hear footsteps
running through an open meadow

Don't be concerned it will not harm you
it's only me pursuing somehing I'm not sure of
across my dreams with nets of wonder
I chose the bright elustive butterfly of love

You might have heard my footsteps
echo softly in the distance
through the canyons of your mind
I might have even called your name
as I ran searching after something to believe in

You might have seen me running
through the long abandoned
ruins of the dreams you left behind
if you remember something there that glided
past you followed close by heavy breathing

Don't be concerned, it will not harm you
it's only me pursuing something I'm not sure of
across my dreams with nets of wonder
I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love

Across my dreams with nets of wonder
I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love.

***(Poetry in music!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


a) George Washinton...THE leader and first presidential creator!
b) Thomas Jefferson...THE intellect when our beginning America needed him the most!
c) Booker Taliaferro Washington...THE AMERICAN of pure fortitude and CHARACTER!
d) 1865-1915.
e) This dynamic American was born Booker Taliaferro as a slave in Franklin County, Virginia. His mother was a plantation cook, and his bio father was Caucasian and took no interest in the child. She then married another slave, with all escaping to now West Virginia and to freedom!
f) I DID travel once upon a time to Frankling County, below Lynchburg on the map, to visit the farm site and BARN simply to quietly "feel" and honor one of my Virginia/American heroes....
g) WAIT until THIS admirer of BTW shares with you the fascinating strength and character of this young boy into manhood, over the years.
h) Booker was conned, by stepfather, to work in early and late in salt mines in W.Va. in exchange for going to school during day! During that early time, he answered only to one name, Booker. Other students had two names. He picked a famous last name---Washington. When his mother then informed him that he actually had a last name, Taliaferro, he BECAME BOOKER T. WASHINGTON!
i) While working as a houseboy for the mine's owner, Booker developed great work habits and did overhear a conversation about a school fo blacks in Hampton, Va....Hampton Institute!
k) In 1872 the young boy set out for Hampton Institute. When his money ran out, along the way, he worked at any odd job, sleeping under wooden sidewalks along the way...begging rides...walking. And he still had a good 80 miles to go to Hampton on the Chesapeake Bay!
He did make it, dirty, little sleep and penniless to Hampton...Institute! Asked to speak to the school officials and immediately asked for admission and help to being his studies. After testing him, by having him clean a room, they "passed" him for admission...and gave him a job, also, as a...a...janitor.
l) .....more coming....... (Can you SEE, so far, why ron squire had a tear or three when I first read this history data?)......

Saturday, May 8, 2010


A) HEY, America and we get screwed again!....the gasoline stations around our small town of Williamsburg, Va., for example, are giving us the royal SHAFT like they did during those $4.00+ a gallon days. They are using the freaking rationalization, excuse, to use the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to immediately up, up and away the prices we're forced to pay per gallon.
B) Again, one gasoline station on Richmond Road near the middle school is leading the pack. How? They're jumping the price 15 to 25 cents every evening, late! The other area and then town stations are acting like lemmings. IT IS WRONG AND ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL, EVERYBODY!!!! YOU MUST RAISE HELL! C) Don't let those stations get away with it this time, please..... DON'T rush to top off your tanks!...don't purchase gasoline from those stations you see jumping the prices overnight, to ridiculous in control and to control THEM!!!!!!
D) And, right now, cut way back, as much as possible, on driving out and works!

E) Can you tell that this guy who cares is mad as hell and, with all of you, will not take it anymore???????

F) For the record, Williamsburg and America, the cost of oil per barrel is, can you say...D-O-W-N?
And looking for that one or two stations that are jacking up prices substantially over night? Use your econoic power and YOU take the power back and purchase gasoline at stations you trust, with the bestest prices.
H) HEY, ever wonder WHY gasoline stations, for years, have tried to "fool" us with their "---.9" freaking prices? I'M NOT FOOLED! Just once...once...give us a station that blares out in front on their signs that their gasoline costs $2.69...not the freaking $2.68.9. WE NEED TO START A ".9 RESOLUTION!!

H) LATEST!!!!....May 27th....gasoline prices are going BACK DOWN!!!!


A) I first, back this past January, viewed a fascinating video by Jim Turner on The History Channel! He had, ten years ago, stumbled on to the information about what he called "Apocalypse Island." And he returned, taking an expert, to the Juan Fernandez Islands about 400 miles off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean. His expedition back was filmed and that is what we now view on The History Channel.
B) The ancient Mayan calendar is at the center of his research and theory that the gods will go out to that island to observe the end of the world as we know it today. And that the 5,125 year old calendar will abruptly come to an end on December 21, 2012....
C) Turner's expedition to this one island is well-filmed. He did find the 150' artifact statue and the nearby temple ruins, and he and his 'expert' did manage to climb the difficult statue ruins and stand on its summit, overlooking the island's bay, before bad weather set in to the area and bay! We, viewers, get to witness all of that in The History Channel expedition video.
D) If you 'google' to "Apocalypse Island"....some have posted comments claiming the entire story a farce. This historian feels and senses that Jim Turner's research is valid. But, this guy has difficulty realizing that the ancient Mayan calendar is anything more that...mythology! Hey, I LIKE mythological tales for explanations
E) As always, with me, YOU examine the data, if YOU so choose, and YOU make your own assumptions or whatever!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


U.Va senior women's Lacrosse player, Yeardley Love, passed away on Monday...may her beautiful soul be at peace.....her coach said that Yeardley had nothing but goodness inside her!

(This guy has decided, out of respect, not to say anymore, here, about the case!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

503- SO...WHAT IS LOVE?...IX.....

******COEDS in college/university and at work....******
A) Graduated high school students come together from all areas of our country and even the world to begin their higher education studies. And have to be a bit uptight about this new adventure in their lives and what and how NEW roomies, dorms, classes campus life will evolve with time. Often, they are leaving behind great friendships back home. But, they will create, with time, friendships (chumships) that will last far after graduation, careers and even familyships!
B) As a Sociology educator, we often, in our studies, talked and listened about how women, in general, have a natural, social ability to bond with friendship in a much different atmosphere and approach than guys. It's simply a factual observation. It simply is a cultural observation and phenomenon that girls and women do feel natural with sharing a hug for whatever reason. This guy understands! Can you see most guys, naturally, hugging another guy...without some sense of, uh.....? Maybe this form of love is...uninhabited!
C) Can you imagine some guys saying, "C'mon, go to the bathroom with me!" So, maybe love is being a coed and going to the bathroom with another girl or coed and NOT having ANY problems or issues with it?
D) We would not, I believe, have so many problems, UNDER THE SURFACE of SOCIETY, if males began to take the iniative to listen to and with the other half. It appears that some do but not enough. As always, those are my empirical thoughts and conclusions up to this time...may change.
E) Just a larger may want to read one of my blogs from the "political views" about how girls and women are generally treated in so many other societies around our world...disgraceful!