Friday, December 17, 2010


A) NO ONE can figure out how Latvian-American Edward Leedskalnin could have carved such huge stone works of art...alone...with no one ever watching him!  He named his 'castle'..."Rock Gate Park."
B) Coral Castle is located north of Homestead, Florida.  Some of you may remember this town for the devastating 1990's tornado.  Coral Castle was not hit.
C) His story, however, begins in Latvia when his 16-year-young fiancee jilted him a day before their wedding.  Edward came to America, claiming that he had TB.  The disease healed, he claims, using "magnets".
D) For nearly 30 years, no one was allowed to observe him work and create.  When you check out Google, you'll actually see some of the many large stone structures he fashioned...astounding to see!  He did acknowledge that his secret was his "perpetual motion holder."
E) Edward originally built his castle in 1923.  When he later was beaten badly by "hooligans" trying to rob him, he bought property ten miles away and spent three years actually moving what had been already built!  There, he secretly worked on his castle and many artworks until he passed in 1951.
F) All along, he charged visitors 10-cts to explore his "castle grounds."  When asked how it managed to create all of the heavy artworks, especially move them, he simply replied, "It's not difficult if you know how.
G) WHY did he built the remarable "castle"?  If he did answer, it would come as "Sweet Sixteen...."  That would be Agnes Scuffs (Skuvst)?  Another source years later claimed she was actually Hermine Lusis.
H) Leedskalnin became ill in December of 1951.  He proceeded to put a sign on the front gate door, "Going to the Hospital" and rode a bus to a Miami hospital, dying three days later.
I) Going through his personal belongings later, $3,500 in cash was discovered.  Since there was no will, the court awarded the castle and grounds to a nephew from Michigan. What happens to the castle property becomes a bit blurred in time....? 
J) ROCK GATE PARK to CORAL CASTLE...after a sale along the way, new owners changed the original of Coral Castle to the longer one, here!  It's NOW a tourist attraction.

K) "Magnetic Currents" was one of is pamphlets sold back in the '50s.  Would like to uncover a copy to see if Leedskalnin actually revealed any of his secrets to carving and especially moving all of his massive stone works!

L) YES, I would like to visit and explore his CORAL vous?