Thursday, July 29, 2010


A) I know that we have often heard that totally original expression, "Have a good day...." many times a day when you're out and about. BUT, when was the last, or even the first time, that you heard or used the following expressions:
"Have a good FALL?" or "Have a good Winter?"
B) If you look at a much earlier blog, you'll discover a more assertive expression, putting the phrase back into your own life to...."MAKE a good day...MAKE a good fall...MAKE a good winter!" Why? You're in control of YOUR life. If not, TAKE CONTROL of your life with this one little phrase...only if YOU want and decide to do so!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

536- S-O-C-I-A-L......S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y????????

A) Wait until you hear about, know about and understand the following HUGE secret about our Social Security and what has been done to your, our monies that we HAD to pay into OUR system all of these years!!!! Remember, too, that our employer/s had to pay an equal amount to match your funds taken out every payday.
B) Are YOU ready?........those "sacred" monies taken out of OUR paychecks, for decades, have been-----pilferred, stolen! That means that OUR Feds slipped into those Social Security funds, taking millions of $$$ out from our S.S. to pay for "general funds'" other expenses.
Now, do YOU understand why "they" keep telling US, in recent years, that there will NOT be enough for us and YOU? All of those monies, for decades, taken out for Social Security by you and your employer has been STOLEN
Do you understand, now, how and why? The "federal government" freaking STOLE millions upon millions of $$$ from OUR Social Security payment funds over the pay "other bills" and calling the OUR funds taken as "general funds."
C) WHO CARES ANYMORE about such chicanery, deception and pure LIES from our "government?"
D) Just look at the U.S. Representrative from New York....? His fellow congresspersons have been trying to figure out a way for him to take a "plea." That means he may get away with his crimes! Oh, it's predicted that he will be re-elected again in November by his constituents in New York City....go figure.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

535- THE POWER OF...C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y!......

A) As a sociology teach, the term is relatively new and refers to any person or group who either seek/s out "fame in any way" or stumble upon it...AND..."savor" it as far as they possibly can, using that old "the end justifies the means" to their fullest advantage! "Go for it as long as you can in our society!" Take advantage....even with $$$$.
B) "FAD...or FASHION"...a hula-hoop or Pet Rocks were a FAD, coming up in full force and then subsiding. A FASHION comes up with full force and sticks around as another segment of our society. Blue jeans...min-skirts..."like"..."you know"....
C) Therefore, persons or groups do the same. Lady GaGa (GagGag) is milking her "power of celebrity" to its fullest extent, but look at her personal exhibitions of public polution and action. Gosh, what happened to the "balloon boy"? The U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia?

D) November of 2010..."Rent's Too Dam High! Party" in New York.  Anyone remember this political party  in November?  And, especially, it's originator, leader and his unique facial hair?  "Celebrityhood" became an instant recognizer for him!  A dool was, overnight, brought out for sale.  His expression, "Rent's too damn high!" became the celebrity expressionf for weeks!!  Now the middle of December...what happened to his instant celebrityhood?  Disappeared.....

Monday, July 19, 2010


Borrowed...."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent!!"
Ponder this one for a bit.


"The Princess Diaries".......
The same lead actress grows up to be a lead in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

532- Two SOCIAL COMMENTARIES: "Suicide Bombers and Veils"....

A) A ponderable for you: What if every suicide bomber planner, who trained and persuaded anyone else to strap bombs around their bods...called a "mule", (in their underwear), volunteered the next time to, instead, strap a bomb on their own body and slip out to a desert? Yes, why doesn't that planner, safe back "home", go on their own suicide mission? In college, we called that kind of person a chicken!
B) Another ponderable for you: What if every woman who was told to wear a veil, cover all parts of their body except for the eyes in public, also told their husband that they, the male, had to cover all parts of their male body, except for their eyes?....that the male could not speak with a female in public?...or drive an auto?
Can you imagine all of those males being expected to do that, in public?
I recently, more than once, saw males with shorts on, casual clothes, with their wives covered up!
C) Now...can you imagine the uproar by males having to go through all of that?
By the way, my indepth collegiate studies have included Religions of the World and actually reading and studying the original sources of those religions' basic' books, like The Torah...the Koran...Hinduism...the Holy Bible...Buddhism....
D) And, yes, another factor is involved if the woman choses, on her own, to wear the veil and cover up?

Monday, July 12, 2010


a) This iranian woman remains in prison after being told, without evidence, that she was "found" guilty in 2006 of an "illicid relationship." She was in prison awaiting 99 lashes for her punishment AND then to be freaking STONED!!!
b) Her son, in London, spread the word about his mother, using news media and the Internet. THAT grew into a swelling verbal show of support around the world. iran just announced that she would not be stoned....but iran likes to let things like this subside and then kill her!
c) AND WHAT IS STONING? I want you to know, to realize what a horrible punishment this is....only women would be buried up to their chest...then, a "group" would throw stones at her exposed head, until................
d) The last stoning in iran took place in 2007.

Does THIS bother you? If so, will you speak out?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


1) Once again, a rivival of the earlier decade of the "ME GENERATION!" "Me, me,'s all about ME, first...YOU don't count, BUT I, uh, do!"
2) Driving around your town or area? Have you noticed how more and more IDIOT "me" drivers pay no attention to the actual laws of driving, and civility, on our highways and streets? "Beat 'em thru the red lights!" "Get outta my way!" "Blow that freaking horn, you're movin' toooo slow!"
3) "The fickle, dickle finger!"
4) When a new check-out line opens in a grocery store or just store, who, standing behind you, RUNS ahead of others to get there quicker?
5) "Like, know what I mean?, uh, last night I like went out to eat, and it was like sooo good...."
6) Piles of grocery items in a basket, going through a "10 items or less" lane...holding up for some time those who had only a few items, then running back to get something forgotten, while the entire line waits, and waits and waits!
7) Parking in a store lot, after you've parked, and pulling in so close to make it nearly impossible for you to get into your car....all the time knowing that when they did pull in to park, they had to have HIT your car with their door!
8) What about a "regular" driver who blatantly parks in a "handicap" space?????

Saturday, July 10, 2010


A) Once again, I know that many of you will join with me in your own special, individual ways to remember the person killed and those injured when two horses in the parade were spooked and bolted down through the happy crowd of 4th of July celerbrators....
B) Beautiful children, at least 24 of them, were sitting or standing along the edge of the parade's route when the horse went right into them along the way.
The woman who was killed was the wife of the guy who was handling the parade wagon....
C) Bellevue, Iowa is along the Mississippi River...I've seen pics of the old-fashioned small town, and it reminds of so many other American small towns visited! It will be many years, no matter what, for this Iowa town to forget....but they try!

528- "WHALE WARS!"....

1) There is an international "STOP" law on SLAUGHTERING whales throughout the world's oceans and seas! Did you realize that? And also for the SLAUGHTER of DOLPHINS? Did you know that, too?
2) I viewed some of the Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" during the past months. I SAW videos of a Japanese "company", with a "mother ship" sneaking round the fringes of the southern oceans, sending out smaller, fast Japanese ships to HARPOON, that means SLAUGHTER, whales of all kinds, and drag them up, BLEEDING, on a pulley so their crew could quickly strip them down to the bone before caught! The pieces were then transferred to the "mother ship" to be taken back to Japan for mega-$$$ for the diners to devour!
3) Please, like when I asked you earlier this spring to watch the secret SLAUGHTER of dolphins video recorded at great risk by brave HEROES around the Japanese islands, go to Animal Planet and check for the times for their "Whale Wars" programs.
4) And take care in seeing how a small group of HEROES try to STOP those Japanese ships in their SLAUGHTER of WHALES....please!!!
5) ....