Thursday, April 29, 2010


A) Tell me what, now, our American fed government has done to get OUR three American young persons release from a hell-hole, since last July? Come on, all of you, tell us, please!
B) Do you, fellow American university/college students, realize that two of your fellow collegians are ILL?...that they all three are suffering emotionally?...that your fellow collegians are contemplating going on a Hunger Strike? And that all of this inhumane treatment since last July, by the murdering iranian "leaders", has been ignored by our white house and mainstream news media?????
C) Did you know that South Aftrican archbishop Desmond Tutu is calling for the immediate release of our three students?
D) Sarah is from Oakland...Shane from Pine City, Minn....and Josh from Philadelphia.
E) They did NOT commit any crimes!...they wandered, supposedly, as hikers, into a small disputed region between iran and Iraq!
F) Did you know that all three are students at the University of California?
G) C'MON....what's wrong here, America, and your fellow students? Join me and others in, NOW, in demanding that Sarah, Shane and Josh be set free! What "biggie" American dignitary will fly immediately to iran and BRING BACK Sarah, Josh and Shane within the week? How about our white house resident speaking out, NOW, and getting them brought back, NOW? Time is of the essence, fellow Americans and students....time is of the essence. Be passionate about releasing the!...Twitter!...Facebook!...hi-5!...e-mail someone, anyone, now...PLEASE, especially your fellow youth.

H) Tuesday, May 11th....(FLASH)....something is brewing behind the scenes...keep the FAITH, three AMERICANS, that you, Shane, Josh and Sarah, are about to be released! Thanks would go to their PARENTS and NOT our White House. Would you ever believe, in a lifetime, that three AMERICANS would be abducted illegally and held captive, prisoners in iran, and our White House would not, after MONTHS and MONTHS, go get them?????? Wait...what about another incident in iran where 400+ AMERICANS were held illegal prisoners back in, say 1979???

I) LATEST...May 23rd...parent visits the three in JAIL in iran! Two of OUR AMERICANS are now engaged....and the other guy will be the best man! (Trying to figure out which guy?...ha, we know it's Sarah!

J) And the very latest?  Sarah WAS released from iranian captivity, with a hefty bond paid.... 


A) Yes, you did/do...Queens, New York. On 144th Street at 88th Road in Jamaica, Queens.
B) A woman was being attacked, and Hugo, 31, "homeless", came to her rescue in the dark. Hugo was attacked, with a knife, by the piece of garbage perp. He stumbled out and down. Over 20 passed Hugo as he lay dying in a pool of blood, without a word. One even came over and lifted Hugo's head to see blood all over and then left him, in the street.
C) The surveillance tape also noted a man coming out of a nearb building and taking cellphone pics of the dying Hugo!
D) Someone (?) finally did call the firefighters came, over one (1) hour afterwards....Hugo died! The piece of garbage perp is still loose.
E) The unknown woman was seen, on a video surveillance tape, walking away, not stopping to help Hugo, or even call someone. She has, to this day, not come forward!!!!!!
G) Does anyone recall the name of Kitty Celonese in the news? In New Garden, Queens, she was attacked, and her SCREAMS were heard shatteringly all through the neighborhood...and NO ONE came to her rescue!!!!!

H) And you...have you thought about and prepared mentally for ANY unforeseen "problem" coming into your life, in any way? I leave you to ponder that ponderable, please.


A) This original thinker, educator and author STILL keeps the faith and maintains my confidence, be it smaller, in what most of us continue to hold to be true and self-evident!
B) This native Virginian still lives in a small historic town, with the 2nd oldest university in our Nation as a friend. I continue, however, to also like Bridgewater C., Colorado State U., U.Va., JMU, ODU and Montana State towns! What does that mean? Students and townies trying to get along together, especially for years.
C) We continue to have and see many Americans ready and willing to "go to bat" for someone/s in distress, like the floods in our neighboring Tennessee or the oil spill in our Gulf of Mexico!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

498- "Eyjafallajokull"....OK, WHAT IS IT?....

A) Did YOU guess the name of the Icelandic volcano eruping this past week and causing sooo much concern around the globe? Hey, you're right on target!
B) But can YOU pronounce it correctly?...and do you honestly care? AP uses the pronunciation of...."ay-yah-FYAH'-play-yer-kuh-duhl."
C) The last time this Icelandic volcano erupted was about 200 years ago, without the fanfare, because that date would have been around airlanes.
D) A camera crew did fly up close and sorta personal this past week, and this adventurer, along with many others, had a chance to "see" the source, volcano, during a "clear-day-you-can-see-forever" spectacular view!! Haven't checked, yet, but you might try YouTube to see.
E) And ready for the next "show"? There's a second large volcano near this one that erupted about 100 years ago...and is "ready" to blow anytime?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

497- "PUFF The MAGIC DRAGON"...And Its Simple Meaning!...

A) The tune, "folk pop", was based on a 1959 poem by a then 17-yr-old Cornell U. student, Leonard Lipton, and was inspired by Ogden Nash's "Custard the Dragon."
B) In a taped interview, recently (saw it), Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, upfront, told us that NOTHING EVER, originally, had anything to do with "weed" use!!!! This sociology guy calls it one of those freaking "urban legends" created by someone/s in our society with a constant habit of creating a L-I-E and others jumping on the bandwagon! Someone did trace that back to that "someone" and got that answer. The same type of L-I-E goes back to "someone", in an earlier blog here, trying to subvert our simple "Louie Louie."
C) As simple as imagination can be, the story of Puff is about a sense of idealism...being innocent...rejuvenating our original imaginative spirt...taking time to be a child!
D) The song is the simple story of an ageless dragon, Puff, and a playmate, Jackie Paper, and ADVENTURES of childhood....NO freaking more!
E) This author, as a child, was IN LIKE with the story of Puff...and could then and now sing it with feeling! The words and philosophy ARE a part of my being....


"Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land call Hanah Lee, Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax And other fancy stuff,
Oh, Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hanah Lee. Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hanah Lee.
Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail Jackie kept a look out perched on Puff's gigantic tail, Noble kings and princes would bow where're they came Pirate ships would lower their flags when Puff rode on his mane.
Oh, Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the mist in a land called Honah Lee. A dragon lives forever but not so little boys, Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys, One grey night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more And Puff that mighty dragon Je ceased his fearless roar. His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain, Puff no longer went to play along the Cherry Lane. Without his life long friend, Puff could not be brave, So Puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave.
Oh, Puff , the migic dragn lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn most in a land called Hanah Lee. Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hahah Lee.

SEE? you know, just like..."Louie Louie".... As this guy has explained many times before: YOU, please, go to the source...know your history. Be savy enough to know the difference between someone LYING and the TRUTH!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

496- NEW BLOG...http: //

A) There are now four separate squire blogs, NOW!
B) As the squire creates and writes, you're invited to read 'em... Virginia college and univrsity neat history commentaries...what's right about my native state's schools...latest concerns...what's happening out and about...and memorials.
C) There will NO, I repeat, NO personal slams allowed at any time!! Any personal slams on or about any individual, "comments" with same, will be removed! This educator and author WILL NOT TOLERATE a sicko, personal L-I-E demeaning any person!

D) #400 in this original blog! If you go to #400, now, you'll find a list of William and Mary "neat stuff", like what's upstairs on the third-floor of Wren?

Saturday, April 10, 2010



A) You NEED to know what our fellow Va. Tech students accomplished!.....the very small group from that sicko "church" came to Blacksburg to picket Va. Tech, saying that all of their misfortune, including the death of our beautiful late Morgan Harrington, was the result of-------! And what did over 300 Va. Tech students do? They lined up for quite a distance on a main street and DID NOT spew comments across to the small group, that included some children, but did use ALL positive placards and comments to counterbalance the few across that street.

B) Oh Mi Ga....this fellow collegian and Virginian cheered and clapped in front of my computer! You go, Virginia Tech....THEY ARE THE HOOKIES!!

C) The dastardly crime still remains unsolved....

D) Also, the Tech couple, shot and murdered near the Blacksburg Campus in the National Forest...that crime also remains unsolved.

E) And how much more can our fellow Virginia Tech campus and students be subjected to....?


A) I mean really inspired/inspires you?
Think and ponder for a spell, please.
B) Well... did you?
C) And i'll turn it back around to you...can and will you, one day, develop enough skills, savy and natural forte to be considered as a MENTOR for someone. Funny, you probably won't even realize, or notice that someone or ones respect you enough at the time to be inspire by you! Has to become one of those "natural rights", know what i mean?

Friday, April 9, 2010


A) Get 'cited with something coming up to do every next day! I keep a small yellow 'legal pad' on the kitchen counter, next to the handy-dandy 'wave oven' the form of a list, numbered!
B) For example...tomorrow, Friday, #1 is "photo...W&M Sorority signs!" #2..."stuff needed at Walls-Mart"...#3..."take Nikon 2 make pics-W&M Sorority houses/homemade sheet signs." W&M Sororities, this week, are raising $$$ for charities! Am proud of 'em!!
C) Local horse show coming up! Keeps me 'cited about things coming up to experience! Since kinhood, have been scared of BIG horses...have been "attacking" this fear by SLOWLY being around horse, asking questions of "experts" who like and love 'em! day...maybe one day the squire will...will ride one...maybe!

D) I stopped by PHI MU (W&M) Sorority this past Friday afternoon, after seeing a "sea of RED!" in front of their house on Richmond Road in the 'Burg. MU was raising $$$ for their annual charity goal. This guy was highly impressed with the 'sisters' and their unselfish, giving venture, surrounded by huge FLOWERS in their front yard! YOU GO, MU!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

492- AMERICA!...the LAST GREAT HOPE of the MODERN WORLD!!.....

A) This guy, who has been such a proud American for sooo long, is having trouble recognizing our society and our country's soul! What DO we stand for, as a nation, beyond our borders? A 'leader' whose despotic Iran continues to murder our young people? Did you know that children in Afghanistan, especially the girls, are banned from being educated?
And did you know, America, how the "rulers/leaders" live in North Korea, while the North Korean peoples STARVE?
C) America IS responsible for providing moral leadership! If the world 'goes' completely UNDER the subjection of despotic RULERS (meaning one or a few), so goes the world as a!
D) To the youth and peoples of IRAN: our white house has let you down, BUT the rest of us have not!! CHANGE, people of Iran, is coming S-O-O-N! We promise....
Hope? I, and a whole host of others, continue to keep the FAITH........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

491- adventures...Adventures...ADVENTURES...A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E-S!.....

My little secret to developing and maintaining a balance and a bit of excitement in life? ADVENTURES!......
A) Hot-air ballooning....
B) White-water rafting....
C) Exploring on foot....
D) The WOODS....
E) Abandoned "ghost farmhouses"....
F) Lighthouses...check for open houses!....
G) "Gettin' Lost"...another term for explorin' historic sites....
H) "Gettin' Lost II"...taking a lesure drive out into the countryside, on 'blue highways' or even better, narrow country roads and lanes....
I) IMPORTANT NEED: in Virginia, stop at your local VDOT and ask for a FREE official VDOT Virginia Highway map!...comes in handy. While you're there, also ask for an official FREE Virginia county map. I personally visit the Williamsburg VDOT on Ironbound Road for free maps. Can ask there for a list and how to get any of the Va. county maps needed!
J) A bicycle!...get out and BIKE!'ll like the wind blowing around and past you OFF the street and highways. Remember how "free" you felt as a youth ridint that bike? Be careful, though, of some auto drivers......
K) The Shenandoah Valley...use that VDOT Official Highway map! This researcher, native Virginian, explorer, photographer and adventurer often "disappears" and heads for THE Valley...have sooo many places explored and persons met!
L) Trout fishin' on a mountain stream!....
M) Ask a chum with a CONVERTIBLE to take a late afternoon ride with the top down through the countryside...stop beside a pond or small lake and listen to NATURE's sounds....
N) Invited, once, to go up in a small airplane for friend to practice takeoffs and landings...AT NIGHT! WOW!!
O) Signed up another time to ride along with a police officer (hometown). Saw the town from a completely different aspect! Officer's wife had prepared and sent a supper to dine on in the car. Shift was calm all evening UNTIL....30 minutes before shift was over (midnight), with all police cars being called to a large hotel. They all, preplanned, converged in lot at the front door, in a fan spread and waited, communcating back and forth in respective cars, with guns drawn. Were trying to calm the situation down by allowing "perp" to give up and walk out. EXCITING!
P) Go back to #47, please, for the very first blog on "ADVENTURES".......

Monday, April 5, 2010


David Anderson is the father. Bridget is his two-yr.-old daughter. And the day was this past Saturday, before Easter!
He and his daughter were on the ramp leading up to the bridge of a large ship. He was snapping pics and checking to see if hey had turned out, whether to keep or delete. When he looked around to check on Bridget, she had disappeared from sight. He immediately looked down to the East River, seeing her floating on her back! He prepared to jump and did, along with another man unbeknownst to both. Both struggled to keep her little blonde head above water and did! His beautiful little daughter was crying.... Someone had called 911 for help, and the rescue squad was there on the quick spot. When the father glanced around to find the Frenchman, before getting in the ambulance with Bridget, he saw him getting in a taxi and leaving, not knowing then or now his name! Bridget, by the way, was OK after the trip to the hospital!
He called the incidence his "EASTER MIRACLE." When Bridget grows up, the family will have quite a story to share with their Easter Miracle daughter! What do you think?

Friday, April 2, 2010


****WHY ARE MY ORIGINAL-STYLE BLOGS SO DIFFERENT and UNIQUE? Most are brief!...they cover an unbelieveable variety of subjects, from history mysteries, to love stories, to ponderables, to national issues with thinkin' topics, to reveting trivia, to bits of humor, to issues that you forgot about....
A) For once, now, my thoughts are mine, they belong to moi and not a single, solitary other person! And THAT is mighty refreshing, period. They are thought up by me, for me and of me. If anyone else cares, would like to, they may read them..also. 'the squire's way' is a social commentary, having created and taught special and unique Sociology Socratic-style classes for a spell.
B)This first blog, 'The Squire's Way', 'The Squire's View', is so varied that it takes an evening or three to peruse them. My faves? Too many but there are the ones about what love is, especially the one from recollections with my grandparents Willie and Carl. Local and Virginia historic lore! William and Mary stories! Heroes! Ponderings! Young Virginians who have been taken from their existence too soon! Ponderings! NEAT stuff!....
C) The second blog, 'The Squire's Political Views', is my very own personal conclusions about the direction, or lack of direction, for our country's government. I "see" a real travesty developing and evolving for the soul of our once powerful country. They're my honest thoughts and feelings, not yours!
D) And my 'Mountain Tales'.... This native Virginian remembers and spins true tales from my neat youthhood...listening to family and their friends who came to visit on Steffey Street.
E) And MY first novel, The Serpentine Bond!, is complete, with ever soooo slowly and carefully going over all 600+ pages, making sure that all the facts are matching and correct. What is now taking many weeks? That last chapter, bringing the fascinating adventures' and characters' plot about the lives of seven (7) university chums, to a crescendo that will not be solved until the very last page!!! And, yes, it is true that the plot never ever reveals on what campus TSB! is located. Shhhhhhhh....someone slipped to me, the author, that TSB! has a clue or three hidden deep inside the novel suggesting that much of it takes place in a university town feeling a lot like C-Ville! Once, by the way, the bonded seven venture out before Christmas break to another historic school down the Interstate to experience a unique pre-exam campus celebration around the "oldest continuously used academic building in America"...the reading of the story of the vile green Grinch, with songs of merriment and plump cookies by hot cider!
And the second novel? Meet Me At The Wild Cherry Tree!...a 300+ page romance tale about two munchkins meeting one summer at a treehouse. They don't meet again until thirtysomething.......


And why I believe that those TV "realistic ghost programs", taking viewers around to "ghostly sites"...FAKE?
A) And why do I believe, in general, that these "ghost trackers" on TV are FAKE? I set out, as a researcher, to view as many as possible, later in the evening, looking for points to agree with or not agree with. The use of special camera lenses that give off the shadowy dark glow and those eyes are designed to pull you, the viewer, into the...hoax. Each and every episode involves one or more of the "guys" telling everyone and you if you "heard that...." Then the camera-person moves the auditory button up to full range, "suggesting" to us that we heard something?
B) And that's it! Using the "ole suggesting it ploy" to get you to think you heard something or saw something that you really didn't! If you want to take the time, on a late evening on TV, you watch and decide!
C) As mentioned in a much earlier blog, this researcher did spend an evening with a elderly farm couple out in the country in the Shenandoah Valley, with their little dog. The family dog would not go into the old area of the farmhouse....? This researcher has also perused many a "ghost" story in collections of "ghost" story booklets based around Williamsburg and Virginia. In my opinion, the usually short stories are interesting reading....period!
D) Sorry...I still believe that happenings are....."fig newtons of one's imagination!"
E) ......and too many people sitting in too many movie theatres, over the years, and thinking too many thoughts that became FACT in their own minds! And then telling others that ghosts DO exist 'cause they saw and heard them.
F) Maybe one late evening....this guy will, for real, meet an honest-to-gosh---------
And I will be sure to tell you all in a blog! Promise.....


And why that personal attribute is GOOD!
A) "The belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others."
B) And why is that the highest form of selfishness? You'll need to think out of that proverbial box. When one selflessly, from within, sincerely and honestly does something 'good' for another person or entity, that person and that act of 'selflessness' creates a good feeling inside for them! In doing so, one feels 'good' inside for having created the deed, whether it was intended or not as a goodwill gesture. And THAT, for the record, is...the highest form of 'selfishness.' Remember, you're thinking outside of that proverbial box of everything having to be "selfish" and is not 'good'!
C) Example: you surr-prise someone with a special gift totally not expected! The receiver of the gift is so happy, feeling good inside. AND YOU...YOU see and feel the happiness created by giving that totally surprising gift. Makes YOU feel good inside...right? Far and away from expecting any reward. See? You honesting, inside, did not consider or even plan for that total picture of giving the surr-prise JUST to make YOU feel good! (...more.....)

486- IS IT POSSIBLE???......

Along the way, some time ago, this historian found just one reference to a ponderable about being able to intelligently "pick up" the actual words uttered by Abraham Lincoln when he read, at Gettsyburg, his now famous brief address with his own voice. The ponderer back then said that, since spoken words may be able to continue on through space as vibrational rings, someone some day may be able to find and capture those sound vibrations "out there" and record them exactly with, yes, his own voice!
I believe that, one day, it very well could be possible. Don't underestimate the human mind........ Of course, we could also be able to, possibly, separate and locate the words of other "famous" people, too!
Hey, ponder that ponderable for a bit.....


A) YES, go to the ORIGINAL source when thinking and debating and discussing any ponderable! How about that challenge?
Instead of common hearsay and "they said what", go the U.S. Constitution, for example, when trying to understand and discussing any part of that remarkable American document.
Hey, when jumping to conclusions about what one person supposedly said about you or someone else or on any subject, GO TO you and politely ask! Lemmings are animals, not thinking humans.

B) This educator and author continues to respect, for many reasons, Thomas Jefferson. Our original well-read U.S. 'founder' was ALWAYS searching for answers. For example, he originally supported the French Revolution idea but changed his mind, soon thereafter, and realized what was behind the murdering of thousands of fellow Frenchmen....

C) AND KNOW YOUR HISTORY! That, by the way, requires your extensive study from the original sources and smarts. Why don't you take the time to actually know our American history from the original, excellent sources and not rely on a newspaper or second-hand history book or mag article? Then maybe you will earn and deserve the 'right' to discuss it with another likewise "ignorant." Hurt your feelings? Change it by reading the original sources, like our U.S. Constitution...what Thomas Jefferson actually said and wrote...the thoughts of one Thomas Payne...the real Declaration of Independence...the true Christian thoughts of Martin Luther King, Jr. You WILL feel pride inside for knowing and understanding HISTORY from the SOURCE. Hey, and you definitely will be prepared to discuss and debate the national issues before us right now, intelligently. Try it.

D) Anyone trying to pull a "dummy" reasoning around your end corner will be stopped in their ignorant tracks. respectful when you develop and use your newfound knowledge of history and THE facts, please. Demonstrates your quality character!....thanks.