Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's Hawai'ian!...and YOU can learn quickly to read and speak 'Hawai'ian' by realizing that almost all Hawai'ian words have only two-letter syllables with one a vowel.

"Me-le Ka-lik-i-ma-ka!"....see? Oh, did I mention that the phrase means "Merry Christmas!"....need to sing it, now? (Since one of my fave films, yes, was "N.L.'s Christmas Vacation", that tune played a neat point in it!)

"HAUOLI MAKAHIKI HOU!...."Happy New Year!"

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I've got a 'thang' for untra-quality "small town" films that don't get plugged with $$$$ in public. "Where the Heart Is" is one of those rare films that I took time out to view while working on my last draft of THE SERPENTINE BOND! onto WORD! I've always had a habit of moving at least two directions at one time. MUSIC, also, has to be on in the background when writing either on the 'writer of 'puter! If you're into future classics, set aside some quality time during the holidays, plop down on the sofa, with a Dr Pepper, freshly brewed iced tea or perked fresh coffee, and be prepared for some good acting, guys.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


In a much earlier essay (blog), this philosophy major explained about a little baby's built-in efforts to learn to walk and applying it to the title here.
One of my secrets to creative writing has always been, trained myself as a kid, to close my eyes and recall DETAILS. I can go back into my memory bank, now, and recall exact details and conversation on past happenings. Don't believe me? Go back and scan the over 500+ blogs in all three blogs and scores of newspaper essay and national articles! And wait until you read, in the spring, the upcoming "THE SERPENTINE BOND!" By the way, YOU can teach yourself, if you wanna, how to do it yourself!
I watched, over a short period of time, when my beautiful little munchkin daughter, Sarah, decided that SHE was ready to learn to walk, from within that inner timer. Had opened one side of her "walkabout" crib on the floor...she took her time and walked around the sides, then, after some time, she got up enough nerve, and SHE ventured to its edge and continued out and around the outside railing.
She paused...looked across the room with the fireplace and...and took off. PLOP!, sitting down on her butt-butt. Got back up and tried it again...and again...and again. I could SEE that determination in her eyes! Billions of babies, over the years, have tried and worked on and through that same tremendous first step. Some, with physical problems, cannot, though.
SO...apply that very same individual principle, here, to YOUR own human growth and development...yes, today is the very first day to the rest of your life! And if you need another "first day"? You have a "natural right" for another one....and another one...and another one...and another one.....


Later, I know what an American is not....
1) A true American gets involved, in a grassroots way, with coming to the aid of a neighbor!
2) ...understands the American-way of naturally being innovative...something doesn't work?...try again!
3) Looks at the scales...and exercises even if only being able to sit up 11 times at a time will be for 12!
4) WILL NOT drink an alcoholic beverage and then, or during, drive a vechicle, knowing that someone else's friend or family member may be in that approaching vehicle, or that your friend or family member will be the one to receive a call that YOU are------
5) Someone who doesn't rush for a free handout every time one's offered....
6) Tackles the SOB who was trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airplane in flight and SAVES nearly 300 passengers, period!
7) Says, genuinely, THANK YOU, to a fellow American, recreating a revolution in our society!
8) Supports local hometown businesses whenever possible!
9) ...likes 'maters (tomatoes) straight from the summer veggie garden, after wiping off the non-sprayed FRUIT!
10) ...gets up one more day and tackles life with a renewed vigor (use the "vigor" pronunciation like JFK's)!
11) Says "supper" instead of "dinner."!


This Philosophy major will describe, here, an indepth background of how people think and react far beyond the average Yogi Bear!
a- This concept of natural rights dates way back to the Ancient Greeks! What is a "natural right"? Rights that orignated from "Nature", or God, before the creation of the State, or governments. And they belong to all "men" upon birth and cannot be taken away, period, especially from a dictator like Castro or Venezuela's Chavez or Stalin or the "groupies" from Iran!
b- One of my favorite English philosophers, John Locke (17th century), argued that "man" was actually born into a state of Nature, being a ratational thinking being who knew about and understood, tolerant, of other philosophies and "happy" with his position. That position included the rights of life, libery and property. Sound familiar?
c- Not all, however, chose to live within those laws of Nature, creating a problem for those who did. Groups, or "states" (governments), felt a need to create a pact or "social contract", stating in writing what their members of society wanted and would receive. The Mayflower Compact was a social contract. Our United States Constitution is a social contract, with a uniqueness of being brief and allowing room for our America to change in prescribe ways. A "social contract" means that a group of people create and write an actual CONTRACT, sign it and agree to abide by its contents. For example, you sign a contract to purchase a home...and both parties, you and the mortgage company, must live up to the contents!
d- Locke was adamant that the only reason for the existance of government was to preserve those early Greek concepts of natural rights that included man's right to security and happiness.
e- READ again, please, Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence.....
As a student of many classes connected with 18th century American life (an age when many young colonists/Americans read and widely discussed political philosophy), studying at Bridgewater, U.Va. and William and Mary, I am quite familiar with natural rights...v. laws that "man" makes.

433- YOU and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT....?

a- "When our government tells the people, us, what to do, it's tyranny!"
b- "When a government does what it wants to do, it's chaos!"
c- "But when the people, that's us, tells our government what to do, it's called LIBERTY!"

Now...think...which one of these three is trying to be "forced" upon our American society in 2009-2010? Will YOU sit down, lie down, and take it? that the "change" you thought was coming?...well? rss

Friday, December 18, 2009


OUR Federal Government now OWNS more of our country's land than ten (10) European countries combined! When "we' started out waaaay back in the 19th century to "save" lands by our Feds buying them to preserve, like Yellowstone, all Americans cheered and cheer now when we visit them. our Federal Gov't is buying up more and more without that original intention, taking them OUT and away from the capitalistic owners, away from income producing small business and corporations. Therefore, buying up Federal lands has gone toooo far!

As always, this Socratic thinker and doer reminds YOU to read and think and discuss and ponder this ponderable, as well as any others! And then YOU decide how and what and why to think, not me or anyone else.....

431- OH...MI...GA!....TAKE A LOOK AT THIS......

....largest ever underwater volcano eruptions! Over 4,000 ft. down at the bottom of a Pacific Ocean West Mata mountain range area. The explosion was actually filmed in May of this year and just now being released! Wanna see? Go to GOOGLE and scan down to the first one mentioning the volcano eruption filming!
An auto-submatine, with excellent cameras, did the filming. And my only question? Why was this remarable filming under the ocean not shared with the rest of us Americans until right before CHRISTMAS? Was it a "joke", intended to be a CHRISTMAS gift?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

430- PBS..."CELTIC WOMAN"...BRAVO!!!.....

This Irish group, "Celtic Woman', is the zenith of music quality not only in singing but especially in overall musical instruments use, composition and presentation! You best need to SEE the PBS concerts when you can find them, much more so than listening to their CDs which, too, are top quality. Google PBS and type in "Celtic Woman" to find a next concert.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


A) TRADITIONS on our Campus!
Tonight, again, this guy walked from Prince George Street through the Sorority Court, across Richmond Road (most drivers did stop for me and others crossing in the marked crosswalk, local Law) and to the Wren courtyard in back! Was 6pm and the College chorus had been CHRISTMAS songs, carols. At precisely 6pm, the STUDENTS in charge began the traditional program up on the top step. A creatively written poem was shared about "The Night Before Exams...". bringing, often, cheers and laughs! Students from major religious backgrounds were intoduced and briefly described about their religion's practices/celebrates. And then that Santa Claus guy stepped out and read "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." I am convinced that the reader was not the real Santa Claus, for his white beard kept sputtering in his mouth and words!
Then...the portion I like the bestest. Yule Logs were passed throughout the large audience assembled in the back courtyard of Wren, giving each one there a chance to touch it with their fresh sprig of holly/red berries.
WHOOPS...forgot to tell you that, upon entering the back courtyard, students had plenty of fresh holly with red berries attached for the Yule Log Ceremony. After touching one of the many Yule Logs, we waited our turn to enter into the back door of the Great Hall. The large old Hall fireplace was toasty and ready for everyone to toss their piece of fresh holly into the roaring fireplace. A very old tradition symbolizing how "we" will "burn" the old year's past for a much better New Year coming up was practiced and share by all!
CAMARADERIE...a warm sense of caring about others was prominent tonight!
B) This past Halloween on Campus: lighted "punkins" (possibly plastic) were strung on lines around the edges of the SUNKEN GARDEN. Darn it, didn't know about it, missed it this year?

Friday, December 11, 2009


Current Secretary of Defense Robert Michael Gates!....
A native of Wichita, Kansas, Gates, as a teen, EARNED the rank of Eagle Scout. He received a scholarship to College of William and Mary. There, he graduated in 1965 with a B.A. in History and was active and president of his Alpha Phi Omega Chapter of the Young Republicans manager of the William and Mary Review. At his gaduation in '65, Gates received the honored Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for someone who "has made the greatest contibution to his fellow man."
He went on to earn a M.A. in History from Indian University in 1966 and a Doctorate in Russian and Soviet History at Georgetown University in 1974. In 1998, he received a L.H.D. (Doctorate of Humane Letters) from our William and Mary. He has lectured at W&M, also.
While a student at W&M, I'm told that he liked his, our, town and even drove a school bus.
This historian and author is proud of our honorable Secretary of Defense Robert Gates...yeah!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


YES, HERE'S A SCHOOL THAT WORKS! A Miami (am searching for name and school) principal, for three (3) years, has developed THE most exciting, positive, working and non-antithesis approach to banning ALL TECHY devices in school and classrooms!
The principal set the tone when he met, as new princial, with all of his teachers to explain and ask for their help and support in using and developing techy devises with studetents and parents!!!....instead of declaring them off-limits. 27 BRAVOS to and for this educator! Cellphones were high on the list to bring to school and use and develop new approaches. Do you "see" how and why this novel, innovative approach will turn public schools into productive schools? Wonder when the other 99% will come out of the dark ages in public school education?????? (more.....)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Remember...CURIOSITY is an important attribute for an intelligent, creative person like vous!

It's OK to sing along right here...go for it!

1st Day of Christmas. "On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a partridge in a pear tree...." (Signifies a mother partridge that feigns injury to decoy predators away from her peeps)
2nd Day of Christmas. On the 2nd day of Christmas...two turtle doves...." (Old and New Testament)
3rd Day of Christmas. "...three French hens...." (The three Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love)
4th Day of Christmas. "....four calling birds...." (four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
5th Day of Christmas. "...five gold rings...." (five books of Old Testament known as the Torah-Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy)
6th Day of Christmas. "...six geese a-laying.... (six days of creation)
7th Day of Christmas. " swans a-swimming.... (seven gifts of the Holy Spirit)
8th Day of Christmas. "...eight maids a-milking.... (The eight Beatitudes)
9th Day of Christmas. "...nine ladies dancing.... (Holy Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control)
10th Day of Christmas. "...ten lords a-leaping...." (Ten Commandments)
11th Day of Christmas. "...eleven pipers piping...." (Eleven Apostles)
12th Day of Christmas. "...twelve drummers drummings...." (Apostle's Creed--12 Points)


Back then....Americans vowed never again....then came 9/11. This historian and author CONTINUES to be a PROUD A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N, period! I honor every single person who lost their life in that dastardly and cowardly WAR act.
Don't forget, in case you do, WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED UPON our sovereign nation. We are at WAR, to protect our homeland and MUST go on the offense. Is that why our federal attorney general, unilaterally, TOLD us that those WAR CRIMINALS will be tried in our New York City using our American system of justice, with the approval of the prez, and not in a tribunal court?
As always, YOU ponder...YOU read and listen...YOU decide!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


....a campfire that seems to sooooothe a person's psche and inner being? Have never seen someone NOT pause and gaze a bit INTO the spewin', poppin' and slow sizzlin' burning apple wood of a toasty fire. Tonight, in Williamsburg, 'twas blustery and rainy. A CHRISTMAS season tradition is to have small outdoor pits with stacked, burning split wood in the old Colonial area. And there they were, a group huddle around, in the rain, one of those outdoor small pits. And actually warmed me...the continued custom.
As an early teen, would go every summer to a church camp in the mountains near Fincastle. One of the highlights for me was to walk up a steep hill, with a hundred other campers, to 'vespers' and then back down to the Camp Bethel woods to a large campfire waiting fore us, already in progress. No one doesn't stare into the fire's fireplace. At the conclusion of singing camp songs? Yeah, making those S'MORES! That's where this guy learned about their history originating from the early Girl Scouts, how to make S'Mores and how to...EAT S'MORES!


And I am an AMERICAN....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

422- "PAY IT FORWARD....."......

It's, once again, a film above the rest...and about a little school boy and his project that changes his life and many other lives around him. Something about this time of the calendar year, the CHRISTMAS holiday, that makes some of you want to enjoy it again or for the first time. Don't have it at home? Borrow it from your local library or rent it with someone you like...turn off the phones and 'puter, prepare some Orville and a glass or mug of freshly brewed iced tea, turn off a few lights and cozy down for a spell to view it all the way through from start to finish!...MAKE the ciao....


ENHANCED photos? Using a special computer enhancement? Can you imagine a "da Vinci " being touted as an original creation? And if they are enhanced from the original, they should be labelled as such, so that any viewer can KNOW the difference....
Remember not long ago when a pic you took or observed or saw in a mag or book was "real", with NO changes to originality or content or intent? Well, we, the regular populus in American society, and that's most of us, are being led to believe what is not REAL is real! My point? For all of us who understand what an original, creative PHOTOGRAPH is like, using our own skills, most pictures ot and about have been "doctored."
And it's about time that WE know the difference when observing...that's all I ask...tell us whether it's "real or..... Thanks. By the way, enhanced photos actually can be listed with a new 'legit' term, as "works of N-hanced Art!"
THEREFORE, the squire is initiating a public policy to legally have a label on every pic that is in any way altered for any purpose and labelled as such: N-hanced! I'll use that designation until the squire can come up with another shorter, recognible symbol!
Like soooo many other techy-stuff that is rapidly moving ahead of reality comprehension and our laws, WE have to play catch-up....and we will.
Again, I'll be the first to now recognize the value of quality N-hanced photos!...but not ones that are meant to FOOL as the originals.