Friday, October 24, 2008


A) Enough of us have pushed our exploration buttons to the max to include Nature in its many forms. That includes a Fox Kiss!
B) When foxes meet, they pause and touch, lightly, their noses. I'm still not sure exactly why...yet.
C) As a kid, would ride my bike out Buttermilk Spring Road to my paternal grandparents home up on the hill, walk back along a narrow strip of field owned by them to sit and watch, with binoculars, a family of foxes at their den near my grandfather's big woods. Whenever they met at one of the den's holes, they always paused to greet each other with one of those "fox kisses". D) By the way, foxes always have at least two separate den entrances--just in case they need to exit quickly. Also, discovered that foxes are really clever and intelligent critters...just like Aesop's 6th century B.C. Fables!
E) some humans, that's us, also greet another with a "FOX KISS!" The delightful sensuality would involve a very brief, light touching of both lips!.....
F) And a "SOUL-KISS?" Different...involves, as some of you know, a PASSIONATE, but respectful, more involved kiss with a BIT of sensuality (that's a 'WOW')!

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