Saturday, May 8, 2010


A) I first, back this past January, viewed a fascinating video by Jim Turner on The History Channel! He had, ten years ago, stumbled on to the information about what he called "Apocalypse Island." And he returned, taking an expert, to the Juan Fernandez Islands about 400 miles off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean. His expedition back was filmed and that is what we now view on The History Channel.
B) The ancient Mayan calendar is at the center of his research and theory that the gods will go out to that island to observe the end of the world as we know it today. And that the 5,125 year old calendar will abruptly come to an end on December 21, 2012....
C) Turner's expedition to this one island is well-filmed. He did find the 150' artifact statue and the nearby temple ruins, and he and his 'expert' did manage to climb the difficult statue ruins and stand on its summit, overlooking the island's bay, before bad weather set in to the area and bay! We, viewers, get to witness all of that in The History Channel expedition video.
D) If you 'google' to "Apocalypse Island"....some have posted comments claiming the entire story a farce. This historian feels and senses that Jim Turner's research is valid. But, this guy has difficulty realizing that the ancient Mayan calendar is anything more that...mythology! Hey, I LIKE mythological tales for explanations
E) As always, with me, YOU examine the data, if YOU so choose, and YOU make your own assumptions or whatever!!

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