Sunday, May 2, 2010

503- SO...WHAT IS LOVE?...IX.....

******COEDS in college/university and at work....******
A) Graduated high school students come together from all areas of our country and even the world to begin their higher education studies. And have to be a bit uptight about this new adventure in their lives and what and how NEW roomies, dorms, classes campus life will evolve with time. Often, they are leaving behind great friendships back home. But, they will create, with time, friendships (chumships) that will last far after graduation, careers and even familyships!
B) As a Sociology educator, we often, in our studies, talked and listened about how women, in general, have a natural, social ability to bond with friendship in a much different atmosphere and approach than guys. It's simply a factual observation. It simply is a cultural observation and phenomenon that girls and women do feel natural with sharing a hug for whatever reason. This guy understands! Can you see most guys, naturally, hugging another guy...without some sense of, uh.....? Maybe this form of love is...uninhabited!
C) Can you imagine some guys saying, "C'mon, go to the bathroom with me!" So, maybe love is being a coed and going to the bathroom with another girl or coed and NOT having ANY problems or issues with it?
D) We would not, I believe, have so many problems, UNDER THE SURFACE of SOCIETY, if males began to take the iniative to listen to and with the other half. It appears that some do but not enough. As always, those are my empirical thoughts and conclusions up to this time...may change.
E) Just a larger may want to read one of my blogs from the "political views" about how girls and women are generally treated in so many other societies around our world...disgraceful!

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