Friday, April 9, 2010


A) Get 'cited with something coming up to do every next day! I keep a small yellow 'legal pad' on the kitchen counter, next to the handy-dandy 'wave oven' the form of a list, numbered!
B) For example...tomorrow, Friday, #1 is "photo...W&M Sorority signs!" #2..."stuff needed at Walls-Mart"...#3..."take Nikon 2 make pics-W&M Sorority houses/homemade sheet signs." W&M Sororities, this week, are raising $$$ for charities! Am proud of 'em!!
C) Local horse show coming up! Keeps me 'cited about things coming up to experience! Since kinhood, have been scared of BIG horses...have been "attacking" this fear by SLOWLY being around horse, asking questions of "experts" who like and love 'em! day...maybe one day the squire will...will ride one...maybe!

D) I stopped by PHI MU (W&M) Sorority this past Friday afternoon, after seeing a "sea of RED!" in front of their house on Richmond Road in the 'Burg. MU was raising $$$ for their annual charity goal. This guy was highly impressed with the 'sisters' and their unselfish, giving venture, surrounded by huge FLOWERS in their front yard! YOU GO, MU!

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