Thursday, April 29, 2010


A) Tell me what, now, our American fed government has done to get OUR three American young persons release from a hell-hole, since last July? Come on, all of you, tell us, please!
B) Do you, fellow American university/college students, realize that two of your fellow collegians are ILL?...that they all three are suffering emotionally?...that your fellow collegians are contemplating going on a Hunger Strike? And that all of this inhumane treatment since last July, by the murdering iranian "leaders", has been ignored by our white house and mainstream news media?????
C) Did you know that South Aftrican archbishop Desmond Tutu is calling for the immediate release of our three students?
D) Sarah is from Oakland...Shane from Pine City, Minn....and Josh from Philadelphia.
E) They did NOT commit any crimes!...they wandered, supposedly, as hikers, into a small disputed region between iran and Iraq!
F) Did you know that all three are students at the University of California?
G) C'MON....what's wrong here, America, and your fellow students? Join me and others in, NOW, in demanding that Sarah, Shane and Josh be set free! What "biggie" American dignitary will fly immediately to iran and BRING BACK Sarah, Josh and Shane within the week? How about our white house resident speaking out, NOW, and getting them brought back, NOW? Time is of the essence, fellow Americans and students....time is of the essence. Be passionate about releasing the!...Twitter!...Facebook!...hi-5!...e-mail someone, anyone, now...PLEASE, especially your fellow youth.

H) Tuesday, May 11th....(FLASH)....something is brewing behind the scenes...keep the FAITH, three AMERICANS, that you, Shane, Josh and Sarah, are about to be released! Thanks would go to their PARENTS and NOT our White House. Would you ever believe, in a lifetime, that three AMERICANS would be abducted illegally and held captive, prisoners in iran, and our White House would not, after MONTHS and MONTHS, go get them?????? Wait...what about another incident in iran where 400+ AMERICANS were held illegal prisoners back in, say 1979???

I) LATEST...May 23rd...parent visits the three in JAIL in iran! Two of OUR AMERICANS are now engaged....and the other guy will be the best man! (Trying to figure out which guy?...ha, we know it's Sarah!

J) And the very latest?  Sarah WAS released from iranian captivity, with a hefty bond paid.... 

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