Thursday, January 28, 2010


In an earlier blog, this guy shared with you how a Virginia Tech coed, Morgan Harrington, had disappeared during a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, Virginia (C-Ville). Some of you now know that her remains, not her soul, were discovered and identified on a farm in nearby Albemarle County, by a farmer.............
With that earlier blog communication, someone representing her family my blog and sent me thanks and material that was shared by you, this blog's readers!
We are very heartbroken with the news this week. My thoughts cannot help but wish that someone/s had stepped forward to help Morgan during that ordeal of her abduction. It hurts, greatly, to think of her life coming to an end in such a way and place....may God continue to bless her SOUL, forever....rss

After days of respectful it's time for the FBI and Albemarle County Police Dept. to exhaust all avenues for the solving, charging and convicting of the one or ones responsible for this heinous crime! I predict that, by April 11th, the perp will be sitting in jail! Someone WILL snitch!

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