Wednesday, January 20, 2010


....but there is still time, I hope, for our society's infracture to wake up and begin the massive task of saving it! Just look around you, out and about where you live and when you venture across our State and into other states! Aging bridges closing...potholes by the thousands...even uncut weeds along our roads!

A) GOOD OLD AMERICAN INGENUITY...brainstormin'! It's our secret to solving, I believe, any national issue. It takes, however, a "national screen" for all Americans to see and comprehend adroit speakers representing comprehensive views and data, in full debate mode, not just academia. I have yet to see that format!
I'ts 2010! Use our technological smarts to create roads that, where there is mucho snow and
ice, to adapt. And that includes outsmarting potholes. Create and build "flexible" bridges
that "breathe' instead of current bridges, for decades, that are RIGID.
B) Admit it...most of the current bridges all across our American are crumbling! They WILL
have to be replaced. At the present rate of replacing our seriously in trouble bridges, we'll
NEVER get caught up, costing us billions just for Interestates and "blue highways" and
urban streets...that's $$$$billions!
C) Highways and streets that use "glowing cement" and roads that actually store heat in the
many states with low temps during the winter months. Stats tell us that many accidents occurr at night. We CAN make our Interstates and highways GLOW at night, providing needed soft lighting for use.
D) Underneath our millions of miles of town and city streets! Plastic pipes are slowly
replacing very old water and sewer piples that have been underground for who knows
how long. And especially includes natural gas pipelines.
One summer, I had a job, with a
crew, searching for and digging up LEAKS in one city's natural gaslines. There was a very
thick book of listed natural gasline leaks in the work area. We would, each morning,
choose a page, with an address, to drill a small hole, insert a testing tube, and check
the needle for density of gas. Natural gas doesn't have a noticeable smell for humans,
so a "smell" is inserted into all gaslines. My crew then would DIG until we found, smelled,
gas! We also had the job of installing gas pipes from the street to the the home. Once,
as I dug for a leak, that gas smell spewed straight up. Scared the living #*&% out of me.
The forman, however, took his time and stuck a plug of mud over it. "We'll call the
backhoe guy over to dig it up! No sweat!"
E) Now a national report comes out that thousands of our airplane flights took off and landed, this past year, with substandard safety standards invoved! Americans keep saying that it's actually safer to fly than to drive in cars? I respectfully question that "fact"....
F) And what is, according to stats, the safest method of public transportation in our society? Trains and...buses!

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