Monday, July 12, 2010


a) This iranian woman remains in prison after being told, without evidence, that she was "found" guilty in 2006 of an "illicid relationship." She was in prison awaiting 99 lashes for her punishment AND then to be freaking STONED!!!
b) Her son, in London, spread the word about his mother, using news media and the Internet. THAT grew into a swelling verbal show of support around the world. iran just announced that she would not be stoned....but iran likes to let things like this subside and then kill her!
c) AND WHAT IS STONING? I want you to know, to realize what a horrible punishment this is....only women would be buried up to their chest...then, a "group" would throw stones at her exposed head, until................
d) The last stoning in iran took place in 2007.

Does THIS bother you? If so, will you speak out?

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