Friday, February 27, 2009

200- ST. ELMO'S FIRE......?

Remember the film? I went searching for a real St. Elmo's fire, not a film.
In simple's a bright blue or violet glow appears on point structure like lightning rods, church spires, masts, chimneys and even along the wings of an airplane. And has also been recorded across grass and leaves. Usually, the glow had a hissing, sometimes buzzing sound assoicated with it.
St. Elmo's "fire" is really not fire but plasma, meaniing the electrical "fire" around the object causes ionization of the air molecules. That is what causes the faint glow in low-light.
And, during a thunderstorm, the ground often is electrically charged between it and the clouds, creating the St. Elmo's Fire withe the help of oxygen and nitrogen in the earth;s atmosphere.
History, for hundred of years, has recorded many occurances of St. Elmo's Fire as being favorable or even ominous signs or omens. Some of the famous incidents in history were used as signs! And ships often recorded sighting the phenomenon, like Magellan's first circumnavigational sailing around the world. Aircraft incident sightings have also grown in numbers.

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