Thursday, February 26, 2009


Most, in the know, use the term SEA GLASS! Orange, then red, are the most collectible and valued, with smooth, frosted pieces of glass to be uncovered along some beaches around the world! Sea glass is created from the natural interaction of our environment on LITTER made by man! And the process takes years!
A bottle makes its way into the water and eventually is deposited into the ocean, pieces, and over time is tumbled over and over along a beach over natural stones and rocks. That process alone takes many years, creating the unique colorful pieces that a small group of collectors value, and others sell as a means of earing money on a personal basis.
Those small groups of collectors have learned the secrets to uncovering the man-made gems, even down to knowing which ones are valued the most because of scarcity and beauty. They've learned to seek out the best beach locations and to painstakingly shuffle, inch by inch, through the sand and especially stone strewn areas. One prime spot, by the way, is right across from populous San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge...and Alcatraz.
Colors...they're determined by the source...bottles, of course, windows, art, flasks, containers, jars and even plates. Whiskey bottles, early bleaches and medicines for amber. Late 1800s fruit jars, soda and ink bottles produce soft blues. And more.
Yes, even mid-1900s Dr pepper, RC Cola, Coca-Cola and beer bottles create those foam looks after years of tumbling in the surf. Rare colors and extremely rare colors, like gray, pink, black, yellow, turquoise, red and that orange piece. Think of all of the sources of just glass that have made it to the beaches as far back as the 1700s!
I'm sure that some of you are beachcombers, if only for shells or stones. Add "sea glass" to your collecting habits. Start seeking out rocky beaches...and shuffling through the stones. Aha...there's a purple piece of sea glass. It's slightly below rare!

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