Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Remember someone around you who had that fascinating style of cursive writing? What happened, America, to PENMANSHIP? This historian believes I know the answer to that question!
A Social Commentary is my purpose. Think...I don't like how the computer has taken over communication in so many ways, especially the use of typing words. How can one practice penmanship by typing letters? BUT, our society is expanding at a fast rate with "technology". We must advance or we remain in the past! And knowing the difference between when, what, where and how to cherish the past is so important, too. This historian and researcher admires the use of and ability to write in flowing cursive, BUT I ALSO use and appreciate the ability to creatively type in my 'puter, especially bidding for stuff on eBay, creating my BLOG material and importantly writing my novel(s)on WORD! Therefore, as a centrist, I once again use and appreciate both styles. And do remember some of those neat educators who marked a grade on a report card for PENMANSHIP! Oh, some of us believe that non-penmanship, just printing or sloppy handwriting, signifies that one could be lazy or simply a non-Renaissance persons.
Get rid of CURSIVE WRITING? Heck NO!

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