Wednesday, December 2, 2009


ENHANCED photos? Using a special computer enhancement? Can you imagine a "da Vinci " being touted as an original creation? And if they are enhanced from the original, they should be labelled as such, so that any viewer can KNOW the difference....
Remember not long ago when a pic you took or observed or saw in a mag or book was "real", with NO changes to originality or content or intent? Well, we, the regular populus in American society, and that's most of us, are being led to believe what is not REAL is real! My point? For all of us who understand what an original, creative PHOTOGRAPH is like, using our own skills, most pictures ot and about have been "doctored."
And it's about time that WE know the difference when observing...that's all I ask...tell us whether it's "real or..... Thanks. By the way, enhanced photos actually can be listed with a new 'legit' term, as "works of N-hanced Art!"
THEREFORE, the squire is initiating a public policy to legally have a label on every pic that is in any way altered for any purpose and labelled as such: N-hanced! I'll use that designation until the squire can come up with another shorter, recognible symbol!
Like soooo many other techy-stuff that is rapidly moving ahead of reality comprehension and our laws, WE have to play catch-up....and we will.
Again, I'll be the first to now recognize the value of quality N-hanced photos!...but not ones that are meant to FOOL as the originals.

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