Thursday, November 19, 2009


Recently, another inmate in Virginia was executed. Once again, from an earlier blog, you're invited to 'google' to 'Ron Squire Steffey'...the first one at the top of the list. This social commentary author did officially observe a Virginia execution back in the '90s, took copious notes and composed an indepth essay on this specific execution and executions, philosophically, in general. I did come to, at this point, my own personal conclusion. I also may change directions at some time in the future, too. You're invited to read and ponder my essay posted on 'google'...."Witness For The Condemned"..... It was published in a University of Virginia periodical. An AGENT, firm, in New York read it and wrote to ask for more! As always, with me, YOU read and discuss and ponder any issue, and YOU reach your own conclusions if YOU can! Don't EVER, however, tell me that I AM wrong, nor will I you.
a- Oh, why did this educator and historian want to and did view an execution? For one, I wanted to do it! I also wanted to experience far more information on this major national issue than was available on paper or listening to someone who had not witnessed an execution!
b- Will I, squire, witness another execution? NO...I have to push the experience details down into my Id.
c- And why do I come up with so many explorations to delved into? a sociologists, with social commentaries galore...a thiner...a ponderist (new word)!

**Many know that I also wrote to the convicted 'murderer' Charlie Manson, asking him for his thoughts on justice in America. He did reply with a 14-page handwritten letter personally explaining his thoughts!'s also interesting how a few pissants, with extremely narrow brains, like to shout out that this original thinker and author likes to delve into "strange" subjects??? But MOST readers are intelligent, openminded thinkers who take the time to look at the total, unbelieveable and diverse scope of subects that the squire has and continues to bring up and out in our society. To those thousands of intelligent thinkers...thank you!......squire

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