Saturday, November 14, 2009


a- Observing a college football game on a sunny, crispy Saturday afternoon and "seeing" much more than just opposing teams crunching numbers across the backs and fronts of 'jerseys'? Jotting down mental notes for later to compose a scene for a place in a novel is "imagination" in progress! And that would be how college football is much more interesting and 'citing than the pro games. Stadium cheers...exuburances to the least twenty or more cheerleaders on one side...dual small auto flags flapping to and from on traveling Alum cars...painted GREEN and GOLD male chests and zebra-striped faces dancing in the stands, generally being downright silly today and serious trying to sit and participate in a classroom on Monday morning!
b- Plopping down in the grass on a hilltop and gazing up to the immense, spectacular sunny summer skies, playing the kid's game of "what do I see, especially when you're not a "kid".
c- Dining on a bowl of Alphabet soup and using your spoon to pick out letters to spell words that will make you giggle...and giggle some more!
d- I overheard a conversation this week between two students...."We, like, went to the movies, and he, like, tried to hold my hand, and, I like reached for the popcorn....I, like, didn't want to hold hands while eating, know what I mean?" This author, like, jotted down the details to use later...."
e- "Bridge to Tarabithia"...Tarabithia....this 2007 film is a classic for the study of IMAGINATION, period! This author wishes that I could have created such a writing masterpiece. If you want to take an intro writing
class" in imagination, view this film first....

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