Friday, October 9, 2009


a- Look around, all of you, at our American society today...can you believe what you are seeing just in your little town and area?
How about manners in public?....driving out and about in an auto?
A great example: was in a grocery store parking lot recently. A pissant was blaring forth with the crass and vulgar "f**k", very loud, and directed at a woman. He could be heard all around the lot. I asked him politely to stop it! he then grew louded and dept shouting that he had a "right" to say anything that he wanted to say. As a former American government educator, I knew that he indeed was breaking a public law! And proceeded to call 911, asking for help. When the sheriff arrived quickly, the pissant contined to spew forth his garbage.
And the officer proceeded to handcuff him and cart him away in a paddy wagon. Bye bye, ignorant pissant!
b- STOP and YIELD signs...don't mean a thing anymore! "I have a right to stop and yield any freaking time I wanna! Don't have time to wait...."
No, STOP doesn't stand for "Sale Today On Pickles!".......................

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