Sunday, October 4, 2009

391- NEW 3rd BLOG HAS BEEN ADDED!!!.....

Blog #3: http: // blog, by ron squire steffey, takes a different direction, with only NEAT true stories, and adventures told and centered around just the mountains, Shenandoah Valley, C-Ville's/U.Va, Piedmont and, yes, our/my Tidewater rivers and bays, including William and Mary.
One coming up will share my adventures and history of a most unique old plantation in ruins...ROSEWELL! York County, York River area. The adventure begins while studying a summer at William and Mary and now, with trips across the river to explore Rosewell. (Coming....)

Blog #2: http: //

Blog #1: http: //

All three come up together, now, and feed across America. They, and my "bio", can be seen by hi5 "friends" in 43 different countries. The blogs are my personal creation and enjoyment, providing me with a huge selection of topics for debate and discussion, a bit of history, philosophy and especially personal inspiration for anyone wanting to listen!
Later tonight, and early tomorrow morning, will continue to rewrite, onto WORD, the 600+ pages of my first novel, THE SERPENTINE BOND! THAT venture is my absolute and total MISSION above all else.....

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