Monday, April 27, 2009


Within the past few month's time, this author, educator, researcher, commentator and historian DOES NOT recognize our American society...anymore! What's happening?

1- Today (April 27th), it's unbelievable that a 747 Air Force airplane, with 2 small escorts, were given permission by the Feds to buzz ("practice run") buildings in Manhattan. We now know that the 747 was after a PHOTO OPT. Hundreds of workers looked out of their office windows and saw the HUGE 747 coming mighty close....and ran, terrified, down to the streets of New York City! Feds: "Oh, we apologize...." Latest? The 747 WAS one of the two White House Air Force One airplanes, with Prez seal on front.... "We apologize." That makes it OK right away. (The latest FAD in America society, remember, is to immediately apologize for anything...that, then, makes "it" OK, without any fallout.....NOT")
The strong, savy Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was never notified and was furious! I respect him, by the way, for his strong, constant leadership as Mayor of New York City!

2- Bye-bye, Pontiac....

3- A "pandemic" is HERE, in some American towns and cities? long will it take our country to get through this new dilemma? How much more will confront us? This latest national problem, this "flu", requires that WE ALL stand firmly united in our resolve to help our fellow YOUR part by washing those hands over and over....leadership!!!!!

4- Tens of millions ($$$) swindled out of Americans by one "man"? could he have not been spotted?....

5- Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Baily Circus....they now go by train, three (3) separate units. I got up early this morning, Monday, April 27th, to photograph the train coming back through Williamsburg, Va., hoping that the adventure would be rewarding and revealing for this CIRCUS aficionado...WRONG! The entire SMALL train was self-contained. The only revelations? Labels on the generic cars announced the RBBBC as they slipped by quickly along on the rails....clickety clack. Is there any "there" left in our society?


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