Sunday, April 26, 2009


These tiny burgers and cheeseburgers have been out and about for decades! And I'm not talking about the ones you now can find in the freezer section of your local supermarket. I'm talking about the FRESH tiny burgers! Are they really TINY? Do you have to purchase a bag of 'em for a meal? Is it true that one hails from the South and the other one from the Midwest?

a- White Castle is the first fast food burger chain and began in 1921 in Wichita Kansas. The original small restaurants were shaped like a castle with a tower at one end...still a private company, franchises. They generally make a home in the Midwest over to New York.
"White" was used to signify "purity." After a time, the company created the Trademark of "Slyders", simply a burger. The burgers are "tiny" square ones that are steamed a special way, with chopped onions.
And the original price?...5-cents! They still are sold by the the sackful, too. "The Crave" expression was added much later for an advertising ploy. Crave them White Castles!

b- The Krystal Burgers, corportation, began in Chatanoogna, Tennessee and reside generally from Virginia down through to Texas. They are steamed with onions and are popular with college students, who enjoy sompetitive eating contest often. They too are tiny square burgers..."Pups" (hot dogs) and "Krystal Chik." Breakfast is on their menus, with a popular "Scramble" dish. The name coems from "Clean as a crysal"...using the "K" back in the 1930s gave the restaurants a little twist of originiality.

c- In the frozen food sections, too. Both take advantage of their respective markets by selling boxes of frozen Krystal burgers and White Castle's. This guy likes the White Castle ones. My first ever fresh White Castle was in Georgetown....D.C., as a kid.

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