Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ha, over the years it's surprising how some people have "read" so much into what this little character represents!
The first inclination? He has a headdress on, a flute-like instrument and is happily into playing it AND dancing...what do YOU think? Some think he's high on peyote (herb). Some believe that's he's a fertility god.
Now, Kokopelli is recognized by many across America and even the world and was originally found in the Southwest on pictographs (picture representing a word) and petrogyphs (carving or line drawing on rock). When the early Spanish missionaries saw the Hopi crafts people creating dolls with a sexy Kokopelli, to tease, the fathers persuaded them to delete the sexual nature.

Want to know more about this early Southwest figure? There are many directions and possibilities to explore...I'm not sure which was original. And who cares....character is in front of us!

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