Friday, March 27, 2009


A mystery revealed..... How and why the mystery of any kind of love makes us vulnerable, and how that emotion can make us both strong and/or "open to" misunderstandings and hurts for we have a tendency to read into more than what is in front of us. For example: that person is "ignoring" us? Every little action/reaction is being analyzed way out of the norm because we now are vulnerable where we were not before. We've "lost" that edge, that ability to see and reason clearly. And, when this mode sets in, being reassured is all important! A friend, spouse or sweetie has to possess that intuitive skill of reassuring the other, simply "seeing" that someone is a bit jealous or being ignored or needs a...hug.
But, also, being strong can be achieved, too. Nothing will be allowed to deter that feeling of friendship or caring or love...'cause you are sure, assured and/or reassured by that friend, spouse or sweetie! Know what I, uh, mean?

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