Thursday, March 26, 2009


For all of us who have ever studied in Charlottesville, Virginia, at a "little school" out and about town (The University of Virginia), the term C-Ville has a special meaning. But, lo and behold, some of us remember a small live group who began their musical career playing in the cellars of the businesses along Main Street closer to the school in the university town.
Dave Matthews is a South African who came to live in C-Ville. He formed a live band with a racially integrated group of musicians, including a guitar, drums, Sax, violin and bass. Their music associated closely with young people back then, using a mix of rhythm, jazz-rock, celtic folk and blues. People caught on quickly, in the '90s, and the ensemble moved on to gigs in Richmond and beyond. The rest is, uh, history!
Virginia is PROUD of the C-Ville group that made it to the top on originality AND musical skill!

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