Monday, November 10, 2008


a- Deep DARK chocolate candy!'
b- "Eye candy"...something that is visually appealing to YOU!
c- When someone notices that YOU are having a clunky day...and does something small to create a genuine smile for you!
d- A day when EVERYTHING went YOUR way!
e- One of those little DOVE Dark Chocolate pieces with a 'Promises' note inside that hits the spot!
f- When something, for a change, makes YOU laugh outloud!!!!
g- When someone says 'I love you' first!
h- A full moon on a cloudless evening!
i- Reading a darn good book for an hour or three at a time!
j- Completing more reps at the Re Center than you have on your list!
k- An old-fashioned chocolate milk shake with...REAL milk
l- Someone saying 'thank you'!
m- Any NEAT serendipity!!
n- Saying the name MACHU PICCHU!
o- Pulling into your fave local gasoline station and seeing the price BELOW $2.00 a gallon!
p- Up on a high hill in the country, just lookin'!
q- Watching a film that makes you, in a good way, have a tear or three with absolute inspiring pride!
r- Observing a grandmother walking through a park, with a widdle child holding the grandmother's hand 'cause he wants to....!
s- A bowl of popcorn popped in an old-fashioned long-handled popper over fireplace embers!
t- The older 'Seventh Heaven' TV programs!
u- The new Friday night NBC 'Crusoe', 9 pm!
v- When a sorority sister leaves you a note of support!
w- Setting aside time to take a bag of peanuts over to the William and Mary Wren Building yard...sitting down in the grass and seeing if you can persuade a squirrel to come over and take one from the tips of your!
x- BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE...was at a BLOOM supper market a couple of months ago. Cashier was in a BAD mood and was rude. I told a manager that I didn't need that when paying for my groceries. He said that she was having a bad day, but I didn't believe it. If I did come into that store, I did not go anywhere near her. HOWEVER, I saw her this past weekend working and something inside told me to take a chance and tell her that I understood that she was having a bad day two months earlier. And I shook her hand and asked her to erase that earlier incident and start again this day. AND WHAT DID SHE DO? She reached over, smiled, and shared a light hug! Well, now....

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