Monday, November 10, 2008

143- PET PEEVES....?

"A personal vexation...." A social commentary! Hey, we all have certain things that "irrigate" us, some small and some large...admit it, please.
a- I have a friend who gets ticked when a clerk is having a personal telephone call WHILE waiting on you...or makes YOU wait to talk on the cell phone while they're getting paid to work!
b- Someone who acts condescending..."You wanna get to the point?...I don't have all day!" Happened to me at a college museum...did send a polite letter back to the college president sharing the insult.
c- When you politely and respectfully open a door for someone, and they zoom right through
without a 'thank you' OR acknowledging your existence.
d- Someone who coughs all over you or around you without holding a hand over their mouth.
e- Drivers who pull out into traffic WITHOUT looking!
f- Drivers who leaving their turn signalls blinking away for miles!
g- Drivers who don't use signals at all, and then give YOU the fickle finger when you blow the
horn for protection.
h- Someone who starts out by saying, "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but....."
i- Towns that have antiquated ordinances allowing those blasted Y-I-E-L-D signs at intersections, knowing that NO ONE yields, instead, blasting to get through before you do!
j- An Internet site completely ignoring your polite request for an answer!
k- Composing an e-mail epistle and then hitting the 'delete' button!
l- Raining for 8 straight days!
m- Finding more 'pings' on your car from pissants who open their car doors like idiots!
n- Cars, with idiot drivers inside, who ZOOM through RED lights!
o- Persons who THINK, not know, that they are better than you and me!
p- Non-stop TV commercials trying to sell YOU 'drugs' by scaring the living #%*@ out of you with a myriad of symptons!

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