Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Who, in our American society, who has not heard of nor savored an oblong golden yellow, creme-filled Twinkie? Well....?
Finally, America, courtesy of Hostess, they will introduce their Twinkie Bits on November 10th. The 100-calorie snack packs will be smaller and....ROUND!
500 million of the regular Twinkies are sold every year, in recent years. Those original Twinkies had 150-calories, by the way.
It's taken Hostess a few years after the introduction of their 100-calorie packs to get around to the Twinkie versions, possible not wanting to change a good thing. The top selling 100-calorie packs currently are their chocolate cupcakes.
For all of us aficionados, a Twinkie imposter is not in our vocabulary. If it smells and tastes like an original, it is! We'll find out on November 10th.
By the way, over the years, strawberry and chocolate fillings have been introduced...did they make it to stardom? What is about that white filling that clicks in Amerian society?
Did I mention that "French fried Twinkies" have been an item for some time?...even "French fried Snickers" bars?

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