Sunday, March 21, 2010


A) NO! In general, I've never seen a specific class that teaches a high school student HOW to become a leader. It's left up to the individual to pick up even segments of the all-important abilities to LEAD after high school. And, high school is where the huge majority of young persons at least have a chance at learning those needed personal skills for later usage in their more mature years.
B) LEADERSHIP is highly visible all around our American society. We can "see" and identify LEADERS throughout our society. Therefore, some GOOD educators in the know and tuned-in local leaders could have the necessary skills to devise such classes and to be able to teach huge numbers of high school student during their formidable years, but are not given the chance or opportunity! Millions more, after graduation every year, slip by, not even afforded a chance. It is a fault of our current high school education program! A fault that MUST be rectified, too.
C) And whose fault it is that millions of students aren't, across America, given the necessary academics to be exposed to and learn about the basics needed for at least having a chance to evolve into a leader in our society? It's obvious to me....and most of you all!
D) Colleges and universities, by virtue of their higher education status and experiences, demonstrate and do inspire, by example, important attributes considered all-importantly necessary in American society to formulate "leadership" qualities. That leaves, however, those millions every year of high school youth, through no fault of their own, never being "taught" or exposed to the needed attributes for LEADERSHIP on a local basis, statewide basis or nationally, simply because they do not move into any higher forms of education.
D) The retail business world in our society, for years, has provided their own system of creating and building LEADERSHIP, but the large numbers are not there...yet.
E) I feel that American public high schools, in general, are not rising, by far, to their leadership capibilities, therefore, letting our society down when we need them the most. Again, parents and high school students, who care, should get involved and demand.....

F) Another direction on education? Are public high school students in our America being taught about everyday problems in society and reasoned methods on how to simply SOLVE PROBLEMS during the rigors of growing up in our 21st society!...well?

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