Friday, March 12, 2010

475- MY UNICORN FARM.......

A) I readily admit it! I want and need a Unicorn farm waaaay out in the countryside in my native Virginny....
B) Why a Unicorn farm? I call it my "IMAGINATION FARM!"
Too many kids grow up losing their unique ability to THINK IMAGINATION, imaginitively, for one reason or tother. This original thinker hasn't lost that creative ability and honestly hope that YOU didn't, haven't, won't lose that little bit of your inner soul or being involved with that wonderful and creative world of imagination!
C) Forgot...I wanna, with my earnings one day from writing blockbuster novels, also have a cabin in the New England woods, with a unicorn or three on the farm's property! Just gotta be careful and not forget that. And, to all the readers across America and the world, soon, who will be reading that first novel entitled---THE SERPENTINE BOND!
D) The epic novel is about seven (7) university students--four coeds and three guys--who form a bond, as friends. But, near the end of the 600+ page plot, one of the chums turns around the friendship and into a---------beware America!

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