Friday, March 5, 2010


.....not WHAT to think, which is indoctrination!

A) Social Commentary: this educator sees, too often, either clever brainwashing or just plain supidity in too many of our public classrooms and American educational society. And that simple theory of American education has always, from the past, come from state and especially local levels. Now, the federal goverment is directly trying to or is creeping into our everyday education lives with WHAT to think, not HOW to think. Don't believe me? Pay attention all around YOU.....YOU, please, do the paying attention and YOU, please do the thinking!
Thank enough of you for "seeing" and understanding, on your own, why EDUCATION IS SIMPLY LEARNING HOW TO THINK....period!
B) And, by the way, many thanks go to those in-the-classroom educators who, every day, think up creative and inspiring daily lesson plans, impressing upon their students HOW to think! I've personally witnessed some of these exciting educators' classrooms in Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and, yes, Virginia. They, in my opinion, are the educators who make a difference in a classroom.
C) Recently, in a Wall*Mart (the local social center), I paused when three former students came by to chat, one at a time, and share about a few educators who had challenged and inspired them while in school, and other teachers who had not!
D) This guy was humbled when all three thanked me for being one of those few inspiring and challenging educators! While working on WORD, with that last important chapter (#32) for THE SERPENTINE BOND!, it gets mighty lonesome researching and creatively writing a 600+ page novel in the solitude of a study! And those kind words of personal support, standing in that social center at Wallmart*, meant everything to me...thanks!
E) HUGE thanks go to those educators, not teachers, who challenge their students and classes in HOW to learn as the most important element in our American education! Again, look around you in our society...and think for yourself....

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