Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is, this past weekend, the chant of team support by the fans of the New Orleans Saints!!
This sociologist won't listen to any negative gar-bage that this phrase is improper English. It UNITED, it is UNITING one of our top fave American cities!
This guy was fortunate to have attended a SuperBowl at the SuperDome in New Orleans, the Big Easy, before the flood and remember and was heavily influenced by the old city. One of my seven characters, RAIN, in my 600+ page novel, The Serpentine Bond!, is THE university student from The Big Easy. She's a strong coed, who knows where she is headed. The shingle hanging outside her small suite of offices in the Garden District, one day, will tell her and the Big Easy that she has "arrived."

1) The expression originated way back in early minstrel and vaudeville shows in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Was picked up by jazz and big band performers later in '20s and '20s. Paul Laurence Dunbar, poet, mentions it in his "When Mindy Sings." And later in his lyrics to a song, "Who Dat Say Chicken in dis Crowd?"
2) Today, NFL is once again trying to introduce a civil suit about the expression's ownership. No way will it fly...expression is in the "public domain." Look at the brieft history above.
***No matter what, again, NEW ORLEANS, The Big Easy, simply NEEDS this morale boost at this given time, period!!!! You go, New Orleans...you go, New Orleans Saints and all those citizens who remained or came back to rebuild THEIR CITY!

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