Friday, February 5, 2010


If you're from Brooklyn, Manhattan or 1990s Williamsburg, Va., some of you will know about the legendary classic called an "EGG CREAM!"
The legend goes that, in the 1890s, Louis Aster, a Jewish immigrant, who owned a candy store, created the first EGG CREAM using his fountain-formula recipe. Over time, the classic cold beverage crossed over into Manhattan during the 1920s by Moisha Zambrowshy at his lucheonette in the Lower East Side. Customers lovingly nicknamed it the "poor man's ice cream soda."
So...what is it and how do you prepare the delicacy?
1) Fizzy Seltzer water is "jerked" into an old-fashioned ice cream soday glass, about half-way way up.
2) Cold whole milk is added on top, creating a good inch of foam up to the edge of the top of the glass.
3) Then...carefully drizzle a bit of good chocolate syrup, using a nozzle container, across the foam! Slip in a long straw and SLURP away.

The Williamsburg Drugstore use to serve them at the back of their store in their old-timey lunch counter area! When Colonial Williamsburg, Inc. came along, holding the lease, they would not renew the drugstore's lease. C.W. wanted "modern" stores in OUR Duke of Gloucester Street "downtown." That's what we call LEVERAGE.... This historian also firmly believes in....KARMA!!

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