Friday, November 6, 2009


The miracle wrap? Snuggies have taken American society by, uh, storm! Just like the lemmings that follow each other to the sea and into it, blindly, I wonder how many good Americans have shelled out that ubiquitous $19.95 PLUS shipping and handling to buy one. They even have one for a doggie! Is it, then, true that "we'll" buy anything at any time?
The TV advertisements have so surrounded us that "we" believe them, thinking that the miracle wrap is much better than our old-fashioned blankets or worn, lovable quilts. Just wait until you receive it in the mail or buy one at our nearest store---check out the density of the material. We call it "selling snake oil." The TV advertising bombardment lulls one into something that really isn't there. You could stop by your local piece goods shop and purchase a square of inexpensive CLOTH that will do the same thing.
As my late terrific grandmother would say, "Pull out that comfort or quilt from the blanket chest when it gets chilly-willy outside...."
However...if YOU want one and like it? Go for it, no matter what others think.

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