Sunday, November 1, 2009


Once again.......more and more of us in education see and feel that the costs of a regular four-year degree, generally, are far outweighing the value received! As a centrist, it's time to bring together different groups to discuss the issue of a standard three-year undergrad degree becoming a feasible and viable college/university education. Can students, in general, accomplish a strong education in three as opposed to four?
$$$$$ When more and more schools are costing over $50,000 in basics for one year of studies, enough students AND parents are a bit upset. One big issue for the upcoming debate should be---exactly where are those rapidly rising expenses inside the higher education system originating? That is the issue!
At William and Mary, during the summer, this guy was able to fit three semester classes of studies into one summer session!....a session class and two intersessions classes...concentrated! But I, and others, accomplished the goal, along with the profs, too!

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