Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A) NOR-f**k and SUF-f**k, that's why!
Enough of us are absolutely fed up with how the Virginia news media and personalities are using OUR free public airwaves to push their version of guttural language on to the rest of us. Please listen to the public broadcasted radion stations and TV stations when they pronounce, incorrectly, those two once respected and revered city names! And they, I understand now, are making a concerted attempt to emhasize the vulgar pronunciations on-air.
B) Someone who works inside one of the stations revealed that disgusting fact.
Even if one does not use the argument that they have a right to use the incorrect pronunciations, take a gander at the historical names from England. Take a look at the major dictionaries..."fok"! Nor-FOLK...Sur-FOLK....
C) And what is my biggest reasoning for pronouncing our great two cities?
Nor-FOLK is the historically correct name meaning "north folk." Suf-FOLK is a likewise historically correct name meaning "south folk."
See? Makes sense, huh? Ignorance and insipid intent on their part? Yes....
D) In conclusion? The many radio stations and television stations, especially their on-air personalities, when they use the incorrect, demeaning, guttural pronunciations, are simply IGNORANT and disrespectful to the proud, decent State of Virginia's history AND to the decent Virginians...that's us!
E) But I'm not finished. I did talk with, politely, some stations and personalities about using the correct historical pronuncations. I did write and send "letters to the editor" of the major area newspapers. No response...ignored. I did compose a letter to the local newspaper...ignored it! All of those actions, in my opinion, create a conspiracy behind our backs to collude! What makes it even worse is the point that "they" think that they have leverage, power! Remember, though, that this Virginia historian has yet begun to fight! Leverage has a way of reversing!!
F) Oh yes...forgot. LOVE my "XM RADIO!" No more freaking NOR-f**k and SUF-f**k. No more wall-to-wall commercials blasting negativism on political candidates. WHAT S SAY YOU?

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