Thursday, October 22, 2009


a- This pitchman is a relic from the '50s, learning his trade at one of those town carnivals or in the back of a K-Mart or selling 'snake oil' on "Gunsmoke." Notice that on all of these TV commercials trying to sell us something the price is always $19.95? Made in China? Look carefully, however, for the tiny S&H fee notation! You'll be socked with a good $12 to $16 extra!
("THIS IS MAKING ME CRY!"...did he say that or did I?)
b- Even more? He's sooo clever by telling you that you'll get another one free, just pay an EXTRA S&H....hmmmm. I don't want a 2nd one! I want them to cut the price in half for that first and only one! When ordering, did you ASK how much more for two, by the way?
c- Instead of him throwing the "other" brand back into the sink, maybe the camera-persons should throw him back into the sink? Know what I mean, jelly bean?

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