Friday, October 16, 2009


A) A national news media feeds this blog, with squire is on FaceBook, going as far as Australia...Twitter...MySpace...YouTube and HI5 with "friends" of mine in 44 countries around the world, including Algeria, Albania, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Cyprus, UK, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Nepal, Chilie, Hong Kong, Kosovo and 30 more!

B) The Squire's Way is a unique, one of a kind collection of thoughts, witty humor (Otis P.T. Suggins), philosophies, history-mysteries, LOVE, inspirations, pats-on-the-backs, ADVENTURES, creative ideas, every day heroes (like you), schools that do and don't work and just plain honest telling "it" the way "it" is! Playing the ole "politically correct game" is beneath my logical mind! This blog IS a "Social Commentary!" And am always proud of the College of William and Mary (a university!), the University of my Virginia and Bridgewater College!
As a Socratic thinker/educator, YOU, please, listen to all views and data about any sudject, and YOU decide for yourself how and what to think...but do it with passion!

C) There are, by the way, two other blogs beside this one: http: // And a new, different approach one entitled....http: //
(This third one tells true stories, as told to and by Skelli, the storyteller), out and about the Shenandoah Valley and mountains, plus down along the rivers of Tidewater in Virginia. This one is especially pure and simply fun for moi! In competition, back a piece, earned an honor (Statewide in NorFOLK and Charlottesville) as a "Master Storyteller." These blogs, articles and 111+ published essays keep me in practice as THE SERPENTINE BOND! winds to a conclusion.

D) And 'cited about the 2nd novel, a romantic novel, Meet Me At The Wild Cherry Tree! as it is beginning to evolve these days
Forgot, began creating and writing SHORT STORIES this summer. Two have been completed, "Brick Barn Bravery!" and "Do The Right Thing!", and have been sent off to The Writer's Digest for competition!

E) As Otis P.T. Suggins from up Stingy Hollow way would say, "Takes longer to 'splain why you don't just do somethang than to up and get 'er done! Know what I mean, jelly bean?"
And as Sass 'Quatch up in Hominy Grits Hollow would say, "If'n you don't even try, you just won't get, darn it!"


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