Friday, September 25, 2009


a- Outer space...sometimes I close my eyes and try to imagine how far space goes...but my mind simply will not comprehend and kick into overdrive! What the heck is "out there"?
b- e-mail....I've asked 'puter whizzes and read, but this guy just cannot fathom how I can type in a message and have it sent to Australia in a jumpin' jack flash! c- The radio in my little yellow auto...mystifies me, for all of these years, how I can touch a button and instantaneously "catch" a signal from "out there."
d- Laying bricks at the site of a huge building....fascinates the heck out of me how each small brick is laid, one at a time, and becomes one monstrous building. Why don't the bricklayers look up and get bogged down realizing that their task seems like an absolute, impossible assignment...and quit?
Maybe that's a great lesson in life for the chosen few: "The longest journey begins with but the first step......!" And only those chosen few who keep on keeping on, putting one step after the next until their destination is reached, will WIN!

e- Reminds me of me creatively working on my very first novel, The Serpentine Bond!, for the past couple of years! The 600-pages about seven (7) university students, who BOND during their four years of higher education studies, is nearing completion of the last draft onto 'WORD'. I look back, with all the boxes and piles of notes and endless organizing and rewriting and rewriting, and often wondered why, would I EVER bring it all together? But I didn't quit and am coming closer and closer to all that work. Don't EVER allow anyone to tell you that creative writing is a whizzzzzzz. Got a hankering to write? BEGIN...helps to having a mentor, too. This writer is most appreciative of the local Virginia Gazette for publishing way over 100 essays, for a handful of editors at national magazines and the editor at a UVa publication for my indepth essay on capital punishment.

f) Well, this non-quitter can see the light at the much closer covered bridge portal and KNOWS that The Serpentine Bond! WILL become
a huge bestseller not only in my America but in at least 43 other countries! Why? The storytelling will keep the reader glued to the plot...the 7 SB characters are exceptionally indepth...and? You'll fall in like with all of their ADVENTURES on the weekends. Did I mention that, after becoming attached to the 7 and after graduation, after 10 years, the plot twists and turns into a...a diabolical mystery, with one of the 7 bestest friends plotting to revive their 10-year-old plan to make American society STOP in its tracks! But which one of the seven is responsible within the bond? One is lying, deceiving the others, a bond? But which one? Hmmmmmm...before the others can stop him...or her? I intend to have the very last page of SB sealed so NO ONE can sneak a peek to see which one of the seven done "it", or tried to do "it!"

g- And how someone can allow a considerate person to hold a door open for them and then walk through without so much as a 'thank you.' That is what I classify as a pissant (in the dictionary!)
h- MUSIC...once explained to a music choir director in high school about my theory that humans had and could go much further with composing the music and songs being created at the time, and now! Just when I believe that not another 'original" tune could be created, up comes more originals. Fascinates me that there has to be millions of different combinations of musical notes, arrangements "out there"...has to be! I look at this moment or three, just what the BEATLES wrote and performed...fascinating. I think, also, of many classical pieces already created and performed over the years....fascinating, and how many more and what will be written in the future! Original lyrics and musical notes, using only the known notes, continue to be composed, added to and will be recorded.
i- HOW OUR MUSIC and videos are CREATED and RECORDED.... For many of us, think back to 45's...33-1/3rd records...CDs. What happend, not long ago, to video cassettes? And computers, just a short handful of years ago, were not like those early ones we remember? The technology is moving sooo fast, trying to keep up with it boggles my mind. Want to know how to 'copy' tunes into your iPod? Ask a child! "Hey, I need help with my iPod!!!
j- CORRUPTION...just look around our organizers...Wall Street.... Our society, in general, has moved into a lack of cooperative morality, backed into a personal "me, me, me-ism." It's all about me! To heck with others...." was heartening to see a small group of William and Mary students, during their Homecoming parade on October 24th, raising $$ for their trip to Belize. The small group were going to this Central American country to HELP a school there! Each year there is no fanfare from the news media, just W&M students giving of their time and caring with the children! WE STILL have hope for our society to move away from "me-ism!"

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