Monday, April 13, 2009


A) Captain Richard Phillips and the three nameless Navy Seals in the ocean! BRAVO, AMERICA. Capt. Phillips bravely gave himself up as a hostage instead of the ship's crew, jumping once overboard to escape later, being caught, and then jumping into the ocean again setting up for the Navy Seals.

B) Did anyone read about the "brave" New York MTA subway ticket agent, safe inside his little cubicle, watching a woman screaming, crying for help and being raped in front of him one night on a NY subway platform?....and the stopped subway driver who saw her being raped, also, a second time and hurried off driving down the tracks, leaving her to the slimebucket? ("Hey, not my job!")

C) Reminds me also of episodes of someone ready to jump from a bridge, and a growing group nearby chanting for the person to JUMP! What about the group standing around the roadside scene of an accident, like vultures? BUT, there are still enough of us who immediately wade in to help, no matter what! Who, then, is a pinhead or patriot?

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